Mindful Eating for Weight Loss & Good Health

  • Topic Info:We all eat, and we all eat mindlessly at times.

    But, when this leads to painful and constant struggle over most meals and many foods, it may be time to consider other ways of relating to your eating, yourself, and the many, many food choices you face each day.

    Mindful eating is simply another powerful way of relating to your experiences of food, your relationship to your body, and the joy that is possible in savoring your experiences.

    Eating mindfully can get you out of that "good food/bad food" mindset. 

    Jean Kristeller, PhD, creator of the NIH-funded Mindfulness-Based Eating Awareness Training (MB-EAT), says one way to think of mindful eating is to cultivate your inner gourmet. You might realize the foods you thought you loved aren't all that wonderful anymore when you truly tune in to taste.

    Jean also explains the difference between self-regulation and willpower. Self-regulation is about balance, not struggling with yourself, and recognizing both your hunger and your fullness. Willpower disconnects you from all the experiences that give you true feedback. 

    By eating mindfully, you can get back in touch with a sense of fullness or a sense of what is "enough." Fullness shouldn't be a result of stuffing yourself. 

    Listen in as Jean joins host Lisa Davis to discuss how mindful eating can help you achieve a variety of health goals. She also shares some details about the MB-EAT program.
  • Book Title: The Joy of Half a Cookie
  • Host: Andrea Donsky, RHN and Lisa Davis, MPH