Two Causes of Illness

  • Topic Info:It is possible to live a life without disease. But, we aren’t doing it very well in the United States.

    Where are you on the continuum between perfect health and death?

    Colds damage your DNA and age you. Wouldn’t it be nice to forego annual sniffles? You can only get sick when a large number of your cells fail to function properly.

    Only two things cause cells to malfunction:
    1. Toxicity. Something is interfering with proper cell function.
    2. Deficiency. Something is missing to permit proper cell function.
    Eliminating toxicity and remedying deficiency will improve your health and reverse disease.

    There are six pathways to fixing your cells.
    1. Nutrition. The cells need daily delivery of necessary nutrients.
    2. Toxins. The average American has hundreds of man-made chemicals accumulating and interfering with cell function.
    3. Mental. Every thought has a biological consequence. Negative thoughts produce bad results. Police what you think.
    4. Physical. Get plenty of exercise. Reduce interference. Become resilient.
    5. Genetic. Genes predispose us to certain diseases, but we don’t get the diseases unless we turn on those bad genes. Cell malfunction activates disease.
    6. Medical. Learn the science behind conditions. Go to the hospital for broken bones and get antibiotics when needed.
    Prescription drugs throw the body out of homeostasis by suppressing symptoms while causing more toxicity.

    Listen in as Dr. Raymond Francis joins Dr. Susanne Bennett to share how you can improve your resilience and reduce your risk of disease.
  • Book Title: Never Be Sick Again
  • Host: Susanne Bennett, DC