Burning Scalp Syndrome

  • Topic Info:We all get an itchy scalp from time to time, but imagine a burning, painful sensation (similar to a sunburn on your scalp) that never goes away.

    It's a condition referred to as burning scalp syndrome.

    Unfortunately, many doctors have a hard time diagnosing (and thus treating) the condition, leaving sufferers frustrated and at their wits' end. 

    Symptoms include burning, itching, scalp sensitivity, pain when combing/brushing/styling, and may even result in hair loss.

    Causes of Burning Scalp Syndrome

    The number-one cause of burning scalp syndrome is chronic stress, whether from daily stressors or anxiety, depression, and even recovering from an injury. 

    A neuropeptide called Substance P is the culprit. Substance P is the key "first responder" to stresses in your life. When stress becomes chronic, Substance P builds up and becomes too excessive for your body to handle. 

    Aside from burning scalp syndrome, other issues such as restless leg syndrome, digestive woes, vaginal discomfort, hives for no reason, and even conditions such as fibromyalgia can all be caused by excessive amounts of Substance P.

    Treatment Options

    After studying the syndrome, Dr. Ward Bond has come up with certain protocols to address it.

    Your diet is extremely important. Eat as naturally as possible and stay away from artificial ingredients and bad fats. Good fats have been found to bring relief to some patients, particularly flax oil and borage oil.

    Magnesium is crucial as well. Low magnesium levels enable excess Substance P to respond. Dr. Bond prefers the Natural Vitality brand Natural Calm and advises to take it in morning and again in the evening.

    You can also ingest cayenne internally. This tricks the nervous system into thinking an injury has occurred, but triggers the release of excess substance P.

    Quercetin removes Substance P from the nervous system as well, and is also a natural antihistamine.

    Acetyl L-Carnitine gets the left and right sides of the brain to communicate more efficiently and also reduces Substance P levels. This improves focus and optimizes release of serotonin and dopamine.

    Regular exercise and stretching can also be beneficial, as well as focusing on the good in your life.

    Listen in as Dr. Bond joins hosts Andrea and Lisa to share information on burning scalp syndrome, the other health concerns associated with excess Substance P, and how you can use nutrition to address your symptoms.
  • Book Title: Dr. Ward Bond's Vitamin, Mineral & Antioxidant Guide
  • Host: Andrea Donsky, RHN and Lisa Davis, MPH