Benefits of Brewer's Yeast PLUS New News on Cholesterol

  • Topic Info:Brewer’s yeast became a staple of health food stores back in the 1970s. It was a nutritional craze back in the day before it seemingly disappeared.

    It’s time brewer’s yeast made a comeback... it just needs a PR makeover.

    You may be concerned about consuming yeast because of candida. Brewer’s yeast is deactivated and won’t contribute to yeast infections. It’s used in the beer-making process when active. It absorbs vitamins, minerals and proteins. The yeast is dead when we consume it.

    Brewer’s yeast contains important vitamins and minerals. It is rich in chromium and selenium and is a great source of the B vitamins (except B12).

    It is generally tasteless but may have a slight nutty flavor. It’s easy to mix into shakes and smoothies.

    Listen as Dr. Jonny Bowden joins Dr. Susanne Bennett to discuss the benefits of brewer’s yeast and more.
  • Book Title: Smart Fat: Eat More Fat. Lose More Weight. Get Healthy Now
  • Host: Dr. Susanne Bennett