Encore Episode: Galectin-3: Inflammation Marker

  • Topic Info:Galectin-3 is an essential protein that binds to sugars in order to respond to injuries and commence repair.

    But, overproduction of galectin-3 is a biomarker for inflammation and is tied to chronic disease.

    A small amount of elevated galectin-3 in the blood can triple your chances of dying from disease within 10 years. It’s important to arrest overproduction, as it drives the inflammatory process.

    Internal inflammation or skin redness slowly subsides when addressed quickly. Fibrosis or scarring occurs when the inflammatory process isn’t stopped soon enough. Scar tissue doesn’t function properly.

    Diseases can’t be eradicated by the body if scar tissue or galectin-3 prevent the diseased tissue from nutrition, blood flow and proper healing.

    Galectin-3 testing is covered by all major insurance. Levels of 12 or 13 and chronic disease indicate a need for a galectin-3 blocker supplement to reduce levels. Citrus pectin supplements can reduce the negative affects galectin-3 can cause.

    Listen as Dr. Isaac Eliaz joins Dr. Susanne Bennett share how to limit galectin-3 and reduce inflammation.
  • Book Title: New Twist on Health featuring Gal-3 and Modified Citrus Pectin
  • Host: Dr. Susanne Bennett