Using Nutrition to Battle Cancer

  • Topic Info:Nutrition helps repair your health. A smart diet can help you have a better chance when dealt a cancer diagnosis.

    Doctors aren’t taught much about nutrition in medical school. They aren’t armed with the information they need to advise patients on using nutrition to ease the effects of cancer.

    Early and ongoing nutritional intervention helps manage side effects and improving outcome. You can control your nutrition when you can’t control anything else. 

    Make a plan to eat small, frequent meals, even before you get any cancer-related nausea. It can help control spasms related to nausea. It also keeps you from overwhelming your system with food. Avoid fried foods and stick to blander flavors.

    Listen as Susan Bratton and Jessica Iannotta join Dr. Susanne Bennett to share how good nutrition can help you work with your cancer diagnosis.
  • Book Title: Meals to Heal Cookbook
  • Host: Dr. Susanne Bennett