Natural Sunscreens, Essential Oils & More

  • Topic Info:You might say, "It's winter -- I don't need sunscreen!"

    Actually, it's advised to put sunscreen on every day you spend time outside, whether it's sunny and warm or not.

    What is the best and safest type of sunscreen to use?

    “Natural sunscreens have always been the better choice, but now we know it is even more important to avoid chemical sunscreens in light of recent research indicating that Oxybenzone, a harmful chemical used in many conventional sunscreens, is absorbed directly into the bloodstream," explains Goddess Garden Organics CEO Nova Covington. "Oxybenzone has been associated with an increased risk of hormone disruption and closely tied to endometriosis and fertility problems in both adults and children.”

    Listen in as Nova explains the dangers of conventional sunscreens, as well as safer options.

    The Roots of Goddess Garden Organics
    Goddess Garden Organics was founded by husband and wife team Nova Covington and Paul Halter after their daughter had a serious reaction to conventional skin care products. Nova, with an herbalist background and Paul with a nutrition science degree were inspired to develop safe skincare solutions using the pure minerals of zinc oxide and titanium dioxide as the active ingredients for sun protection.
  • Host: Andrea Donsky, RHN and Lisa Davis, MPH