Encore Episode: Wisdom for Living With & Moving Beyond Chronic Pain

  • Topic Info:When we’re faced with pain, our impulse is to stop it and get rid of it.

    Sarah Anne Shockley discovered the area between her clavicle and first ribs had collapsed in 2007. She tried everything she could to rid herself of the pain, but nothing worked.

    With no solution in place, she focused on living life as best she could. She endured the pain and tried medications.

    She refused to believe that she had to live in chronic pain for the rest of her life. Since external treatments didn’t help, Sarah Anne looked inside. She found she was living with a lot of emotional distress regarding her physical pain, upset that she couldn’t participate fully in her life.

    There is a lot of shame and guilt connected to chronic pain. Outside sources find clever ways to tell you you’re wrong for having your pain. 

    Pain is a signal that something is amiss. Giving it appropriate attention can help you live with the  pain.

    People still need you and still love you. Be present with them as best you can with your pain. Recognizing that you can contribute to the pleasure of others can be very healing.

    Listen as Sarah Anne joins host Lisa Davis to share how she has lived with and moved beyond chronic pain.
  • Book Title: The Pain Companion: Everyday Wisdom for Living With and Moving Beyond Chronic Pain
  • Host: Andrea Donsky, RHN and Lisa Davis, MPH