Go More Green and Save the World

  • Topic Info:From global warming to drought, genetically modified foods to harmful chemicals in our beauty products, for too long commerce has ignored the health of our planet and our bodies.

    But, according to Marci Zaroff, now a new age is dawning. In her book, ECOrenaissance: A Lifestyle Guide for Cocreating a Stylish, Sexy, and Sustainable World, Zaroff reveals eye-opening and groundbreaking resources to transform your life through supporting companies making significant, practical ecological change.

    ECOrenaissance provides inspiring tips and tricks for how to live and shop in harmony with nature without sacrificing style or luxury, and how best to benefit from the current renaissance—a global rebirth of sustainable economics, progressive ethics, and green culture—through the wisdom of eco-entrepreneurs, green fashion designers, organic food purveyors, and innovative leaders of this new movement.

    Listen as Zaroff joins Lisa Davis to share points from her book and discuss the changes we all need to make to ensure future health and happiness.
  • Book Title: ecoRenaissance A Lifestyle Guide for Cocreating a Stylish, Sexy + Sustainable World
  • Host: Andrea Donsky, RHN and Lisa Davis, MPH