Connecting With Those We’ve Lost

  • Topic Info:The idea that "time heals all wounds" is not realistic. 

    When you lose someone dear, that hurt and pain can stay with you for a lifetime in varying degrees. Many questions remain, and the "permanence of never" starts to set it. 

    However, the emerging research into both science and spirituality is offering hope for those left behind.

    In her book, Where Did You Go? A Life-Changing Journey to Connect with Those We’ve Lost, Christina Rasmussen provides a groundbreaking exploration of the afterlife that reveals we all have the power to connect with our loved ones on the other side.

    As a professional grounded in science, Christina was initially a skeptic who shied away from the conventional mystical, supernatural, and religious descriptions of the afterlife. So, she turned to what seemed “provable” to unravel the mystery of life beyond life: physics.

    What she found was beyond anything she could have expected. Not only is there life after death, but we all have the ability to connect with loved ones who have passed on.

    Listen as Christina joins Andrea and Lisa to discuss how her and others' work can change the way we grieve, the way we live, and how we define our potential... in this life and the hereafter.
  • Book Title: Where Did You Go? A Life-Changing Journey to Connect with Those We’ve Lost
  • Host: Andrea Donsky, RHN and Lisa Davis, MPH