Beneath the Surface: A Closer Look at Depression and Suicide in Teens and Adults

  • Topic Info:Ever since her husband completed suicide in 2012, after years of struggling with clinical depression, grief recovery specialist Kristi Hugstad has dedicated her life to helping abolish the stigma of mental illness and suicide.

    Hugstad says that suicide prevention must start with our teens. Teen suicide isn’t a new phenomenon, but unfortunately, it has become a tragic, disturbing epidemic in the United States.

    Her book, Beneath the Surface: A Teen's Guide to Reaching Out When You or Your Friend Is in Crisis, provides the information, encouragement, and tactical guidance you need to help yourself or others experiencing:

    • Depression
    • Academic or parental pressures
    • Eating disorders
    • Bullying
    • Self-harm
    • PTSD
    • Peer pressure
    • Anxiety
    • Substance abuse
    • Technology addiction
    • Suicidal thoughts or actions
    Listen as Hugstad joins host Lisa Davis to share insight about this troubling trend in today's youth population.
  • Book Title: Beneath the Surface: A Teen’s Guide to Reaching Out when You or Your Friend Is in Crisis
  • Host: Andrea Donsky, RHN and Lisa Davis, MPH