TBTCE: Healthy Fats: Your Body's Most Precious Fuel

  • Topic Info:Welcome to our new series, "Throw Back Thursday: Celebrity Edition" (or TBTCE). In the following weeks, we'll be featuring various celebrity interviews from over the years. Hope you enjoy!

    TBTCE: Kelly LeBrock

    For so long the mantra was, "fat will make you fat!"

    The attitude on fats has been changing steadily over the last few years, especially in regards to healthy fats. 

    According to model-turned-health advocate, Kelly LeBrock, "When I eat good fats, I'm thinner than when I don't... and anyone who has a nutritionist that says that low-fat, no-fat skim milk is good, I would run for the hills because they are being given the wrong information."

    It may seem like a bold statement, but the growing library of research on the benefits of fats in your diet backs it up.

    If your body isn't getting the right "fuel," it can't function at peak levels.

    Fats can also be medicinal. Thai people have been using fatty, gelatinous broth for centuries to cure disease; specifically digestive issues like colitis, hyper-acidity, and Crohn's disease.

    The thing is, it's not that difficult to introduce these good fats to your diet. From coconut oil and coconut manna to raw butter and avocado, there are countless ways to start getting more fats into your system.

    Tune in as Kelly joins Lisa to share some more good fats that you should be eating, as well as simple ways you can start incorporating them into your diet every day.

    PLUS, get a step-by-step recipe for Kelly's famous avocado chocolate mousse.
  • Host: Andrea Donsky, RHN and Lisa Davis, MPH