Hypnotherapy For Wealth and Abundance

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    Hypnotherapy uses relaxation techniques, extreme concentration, and intense attention to reach a heightened level of consciousness. Research suggests hypnosis benefits not only psychological but behavioral and physical wellbeing also, including addictions, grief, and anxiety to name a few.

    Joining us today to answer all your questions on hypnotherapy is Kiné Corder. She is the CEO of Presidential Lifestyle, a National Certified Counselor, an international speaker, and the world’s #1 clinical hypnotherapist specializing in stress management. 

    As a former Morgan Stanley financial advisor, Kiné realized that high achievers needed help with more than just the numbers because resistance was getting in the way of them executing on their financial plans. 

    In 2014, Kiné made the shift to therapy as she discovered that the resistance that kept high achievers from executing on their financial plans was the same resistance that therapists, doctors, and wellness professionals experience when creating treatment plans for patients.

    Listen to Kiné's own podcast Money & Meaninghere.

  • Host: Susanne Bennett, DC