A Deeper Dive into Cannabis and Sex

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    Dr. Jordan Tishler is back on the show to continue our conversation on the many benefits of medicinal cannabis. Today we're talking about your sex life, and how many common issues can be relieved in the bedroom, with a little cannabis.

    Dr. Tishler is a Harvard-trained cannabis specialist and CEO/CMO of inhaleMD, a Boston-based patient-focused clinical practice.

    This is a newer field in terms of cannabis use, but can show some drastic results! Dr. Tishler talks with Dr. Susanne about how using it can help lift roadblocks in your sex life, the different strains we hear about, the problem with current treatments for sexual dysfunctions, the important timing of edibles, and the pros and cons of heading to your local dispensary. 

  • Host: Susanne Bennett, DC