Life As Play: Live Compassionately, Intuitively, Spontaneously

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    Mark Johnson's book “Life As Play” chronicles his sixty-year spiritual odyssey with some of the most fascinating spiritual teachers of the last half-century. His travels take him from the mountains of Pennsylvania to exotic temples in China, Tibet, France, and eventually to the wild and dangerous hills of Malibu, California.

    According to Mark, the stereotype of spiritual life is often considered dull, boring, and strait-laced is absurd! In Life as Play, Johnson traces his spiritual development and explains how laughter, fun, sex, chaos, and paradox were instrumental in what he calls 'playing with enlightenment.' 

    Mark Johnson is a semi-retired Tai Ji and Chi Gung instructor and healer. Mark has studied and practiced Eastern Philosophy for over 45 years and has apprenticed with some of the most prominent Vedanta, Zen, and Daoist teachers in the world. He has been a member and research subject at the Institute of Noetic Sciences for nearly 15 years.

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  • Book Title: Life As Play: Live Compassionately, Intuitively, Spontaneously
  • Host: Susanne Bennett, DC