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Using Google to Build Trust in Your Brand

Martha Van Berkel | Julie Goldstein-Dunn - Speaker Bio
Martha van Berkel is the CEO of Schema App. Schema App translates website content into the language of search engines so it is understood, and organizations can stand out and engage with their consumers at the start of their web journey. Martha loves using stories and examples to help audiences understand complex strategies for leveraging schema markup to drive business results from organic search. Prior to Schema App, Martha was a Senior Manager at Cisco Systems for 14 years responsible for the global online support strategy. Martha has a degree in Mathematics and Engineering, attended MIT for Innovation and Strategy, is a rower and a mom of two kids. 

Julie Goldstein-Dunn has over twenty years of healthcare experience.  She has worked in finance, cardiac operations, marketing for several product lines and currently leads Henry Ford Health System’s digital marketing analytics and search engine optimization.  Julie’s extensive experience allows her to develop innovative digital strategies.  Julie earned her undergraduate degree from Eastern Michigan University and her MBA from Wayne State University.
  • The fact is, most people start their health journey in Google Search. So how do you make your content and providers stand out? Learn how Henry Ford Health System has successfully bolstered their search results using a multifaceted (content, Google My Business, schema markup) search engine optimization (SEO) strategy with measurable results. Henry Ford will share three case studies for the provider directory, COVID Vaccines, and Frequently Asked Questions and explain how they achieved increased visibility with tangible results.