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What is LSVT-Loud

Lea Ann Worachek, MS/CCC-SLP - Speaker Bio
Lea Ann Worachek, MS/CCC-SLP has almost 20 years of speech therapy experience with both adults and children. She treats adults with aphasia, voice disorders, dysphagia, motor speech disorders, and cognitive deficits. She performs video fluoroscopic swallow studies in conjunction with a radiologist. She provides speech therapy to those with speech and language delays, articulation/phonological deficits, and feeding difficulties.
  • Topic Info:LSVT-Loud is an amazing speech treatment for individuals with Parkinson's disease or other neurological conditions. It can greatly improve vocal volume and articulation through voice muscle stimulation exercises.

    LeaAnn Worachek, MS/CC-SLP, shares how LSVT-Loud works and the incredible benefits patients may experience through this treatment.