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What Causes Dementia and Caregiver Burnout

Uzma Zafar, MD | Chris Bateman, MBA, LCSW - Speaker Bio
Dr. Zafar is a Doctor of Psychiatry and currently the Medical Director of the Desert Springs Hospital Geriatric Psychiatry program.  Dr. Zafar also serves on the medical executive committee at Desert Springs Hospital. 

Chris Bateman is the Director of the Geriatric Psychiatry program at Desert Springs Hospital.  Chris holds a Masters Degree in Healthcare Administration and Clinical Social work.
  • Topic Info:We all know or have heard of someone with a loss of memory severe enough that it interferes with daily life and sometimes, this can be attributed to dementia. Dr. Uzma Zafar and Chris Bateman discuss dementia, what causes it, what you need to know about caregiver burnout, and more.