Late Dinner And No Breakfast Are A Killer Heart Combination

In "Monty Python's The Meaning of Life," Terry Jones plays an obese, projectile-vomiting restaurant patron named Mr. Creosote. After he's finished devouring everything the French restaurant has to offer for dinner, he's persuaded by the maitre d' (John Cleese) to have just one "wafer thin" after dinner mint. Creosote then explodes.

Well, if you just eat a big dinner and you skip breakfast, research from the European Society of Cardiology points out that your heart could be in trouble too, especially if you've had cardio problems in the past.

Published in the European Journal of Preventive Cardiology, the study mentions previous research that suggests that skipping breakfast (having only coffee or water before noon) and having a late-night dinner was associated with greater risk of obesity, insulin resistance and cardiovascular disease. This recent study went a step further and found that those who left the hospital following a heart attack and continued to skip breakfast (three or more times a week) and eat dinner two hours or less before bedtime were four to five times more likely to suffer another heart attack and die within the next 30 days. Yikes! Pass the oatmeal, pronto!

To avoid that outcome, pick up a copy of Dr. Mike and Dr. Crupain's book, "What to Eat When" and go to the chapter "What to Eat When You Want to Protect Your Heart." Answer the nine-point questionnaire and, based on your score, design yourself a heart-lovin' meal plan.

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