DEMO: Guidelines for Pap Smear Screenings for Cervical Cancer

About 80 million U.S. women ages 25 to 65 — or 1.2 million women across Alabama — should be screened periodically by their health care providers for cervical cancer.

At present, the standard way to do that is a Pap smear alone, or co-testing using both a Pap smear and a human papillomavirus (HPV) test. Under the new guidance, the Pap smear, which dates back more than 80 years, would still be used for follow-up tests if an HPV test is positive. The Pap smear will still be used for primary screening of women under age 25.

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Listen in as Warner Huh, MD discusses the latest guidelines for Pap Smear Screenings for Cervical Cancer.