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Can Probiotics Lower Blood Pressure?

Probiotics are good bacteria that help maintain a healthy gut while boosting your immunity. Based on research, probiotics may benefit multiple health conditions, including Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), diabetes, liver disease, and anxiety.

No longer just for digestive issues, probiotics also seem to play an extremely important role in cardiovascular health.

In a recent study, published in the Journal of Hypertension, researchers focused on whether or not probiotics could help improve blood pressure.

The researchers analyzed nine different clinical trials that included 543 adults.

Participants were given different forms of probiotics. Some were given a probiotic supplement, others cottage cheese or yogurt.

Researchers found that on average, the systolic blood pressure (how much blood your heart is pushing out) decreased by almost four points and the diastolic blood pressure number (how your heart is filling) decreased by two and a half points.

Participants whose blood pressure was greater than or equal to 130/85 (considered high) saw more improvements in their diastolic blood pressure.

What other ways do probiotics help lower blood pressure?

Dr. Mike shares the research from the Journal of Hypertension, why probiotics are beneficial to your health, and ways probiotics may help improve your blood pressure.
Can Probiotics Lower Blood Pressure?
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