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Why Are More Women Dying of Prescription Painkiller Overdoses?

Summary: More and more women are dying from overdose due to prescription painkillers. Could you be at risk?
Air Date: 8/2/13
Duration: 10
Host: Dr. Leigh Vinocur, MD
Guest Bio: Dr. Stephen Anderson, MD
Dr. Stephen Anderson is an emergency physician near Seattle, Washington. He is the Chairman of the Stroke Committee at MultiCare Auburn Medical Center. Dr. Anderson was the Washington State chapter president of ACEP. He has appeared in many news outlets, including with Fox News, the Wall Street Journal and in a one-hour CNN documentary called Deadly Dose, which focused on the nation’s prescription drug abuse epidemic.
Why Are More Women Dying of Prescription Painkiller Overdoses?
A new report from the CDC shows that deaths among women from prescription painkiller overdoses are skyrocketing.

Opiate overdose deaths among women spiked five-fold in the last decade, according to an analysis by the CDC. 

Our physician expert, Dr. Stephen Anderson, discusses why this is happening, how you or a loved one can help protect against overdose, and how you can recognize the signs when help may be needed.