Are Touch Screens Detrimental to Your Child's Developement?

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Summary: If your toddler uses a touch-screen device to play non-educational games, could it affect development?
Air Date: 5/14/14
Duration: 10
Host: Melanie Cole, MS
Guest Bio: Ruth Milanaik , MD
ruth milanaikDr. Ruth Milanaik is a developmental and behavioral Pediatrician at the Steve and Alexandra Cohen Children's Medical Center of New York where she specializes in neonatal developmental follow up care and ADHD. In collaboration with her colleague and mentor Dr. Andrew Adesman, Dr. Milanaik has presented many studies regarding learning disabilities, ADHD and medication diversion.

Recently, her new research presented at the Pediatric Academic Society Meeting in Vancouver discussed whether iPads are really better than paper for ADHD children, social deficits in ADHD children and touch screen device usage in toddlers.

Dr. Milanaik lives in New York with her husband, five children and one very large hyperactive dog.
Are Touch Screens Detrimental to Your Child's Developement?
The Cohen Children's Medical Center in New York has released a study that found children 0-3 years old who used touch-screen devices to play non-educational games experienced slower verbal development.

Non-educational games referenced in the study included Angry Birds and Fruit Ninja, according to Daily Mail.The researchers were most interested in how much parents let their children use cell phones.

"We have observed in our neonatal clinic that the number one "toy" parents are giving their toddlers is smartphones," said Dr. Ruth Milanaik, chief investigator of the study and attending developmental and behavioral pediatrician at the Cohen Children's Medical Center. "It was striking to see that parents were substituting books and general baby toys [with] smartphones. Many parents did not seem to bring any other distraction for their children except the touch screen devices."

Dr. Milanik shares her experience with the study, as well as ways to help parents find the best methods for entertaining children, without the use of electronic devices.
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