Burn Off that Unwanted Fat...and Keep it Off!

From the Show: Naturally Savvy
Summary: If you or someone you know struggles with losing weight and keeping it off, this segment is for you.
Air Date: 9/25/13
Duration: 10
Host: Andrea Donsky, RHN and Lisa Davis, MPH
Guest Bio: Lori Shemek, PhD, CLC
Dr. Lori Shemek, the best-selling author of FIRE-UP YOUR FAT BURN!  (as well as her soon to be released book FatFlammation!) is a leading health expert. Dr. Lori is also the co-host of the nationally syndicated radio show ‘gnite Your Life with Dr. Lori Shemek. The Huffington Post has recognized Dr. Shemek twice as one of the Top 16 Health and Fitness Experts alongside such names as Dr. Oz, and also recognized her as one of the Top 35 Diet and Nutrition Experts. She is a recurring health expert for the ABC TV show, Good Morning Texas. Dr. Shemek has appeared on numerous top-rated radio talk shows as well as TV. She has been featured in Ladies Home Journal, Shape Magazine, Woman’s Day Magazine, Health Magazine, I-Village, Yahoo, Livestrong, CNN, Fox News, The Ricki Lake Show – Friends of Ricki and many others.
  • Book Title: Fire-Up Your Fat Burn!
  • Guest Facebook Account: https://www.facebook.com/dlshealthworks
  • Guest Twitter Account: @LoriShemek
Burn Off that Unwanted Fat...and Keep it Off!
Do you struggle with your weight?

Perhaps you fluctuate up and down 5-10 pounds, or have lost a significant amount of weight only to gain it all back.

Weight issues not only affect your physical health, but they can affect your mental health as well... especially when you feel like you're always fighting those extra pounds.

In this segment of Naturally Savvy, Dr. Lori Shemek, author of Fire-Up Your Fat Burn!, shares the proper steps to lose those unwanted pounds and more importantly, maintain that weight loss for life.

Learn how to uncover the roadblocks and obstacles in your mind, as well as how to more effectively de-stress and find better balance in your life.
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