Will Concussions Kill Contact Sports?

From the Show: Naturally Savvy
Summary: Have you ever had a concussion? Do you know what to look for or how to treat one? The Brain Doctor, Dr. Kerasidis, guides you through all things concussion related.
Air Date: 1/29/14
Duration: 10
Host: Andrea Donsky, RHN and Lisa Davis, MPH
Guest Bio: Harry Kerasidis, MD
Harry Kerasidis, M.D., known as the XLNTbrain Sport’s “Brain Doctor,” is one of few elite neurologists in the world specializing in the impairment of cognitive and emotional performance resulting from concussions. He co-founded XLNTbrain LLC after 25 years of clinically treating mild traumatic brain injury and studying the changes of the electro-physiology of the brain as it relates to behavior, cognitive, and emotional function resulting from various brain trauma, including concussions.

Dr. Kerasidis has treated thousands of concussion injuries throughout his career. His private practice, Chesapeake Neurology Associates, is based in Prince Frederick, Maryland. A highly sought-after cognitive neurologist, he has helped patients with a variety of cognitive and behavioral disorders including cognitive impairment due to stroke, sleep deprivation, attention deficit disorder, dementia, and traumatic brain injury. Through his experience, Dr. Kerasidis sought to fill the void of a much needed comprehensive sport concussion management program. He found existing concussion baseline testing lacked critical cognitive and emotional measures. He also saw the gross lack of integration of key elements of a comprehensive sport concussion management program. So he created and began using a baseline assessment, acute management and recovery care plan, which has been incorporated into XLNTbrain Sport’s complete concussion management program for all sports and levels.

Dr. Kerasidis has a distinguished career helping the general public, scholars and medical professionals understand the link between the physiology of the brain and behavior. At Calvert Memorial Hospital, he serves as the Medical Director for the Center for Neuroscience, Medical Director for the hospital’s Sleep Disorders Center and Medical Director for the hospital’s Stroke Center.
Will Concussions Kill Contact Sports?
A concussion is a minor traumatic brain injury that may occur when the head hits an object, or a moving object strikes the head. It can affect how the brain works for a while. A concussion can lead to a bad headache, changes in alertness, or loss of consciousness.

Perhaps you play a contact sport or maybe you have children that do? If you are a fan of contact sports, you must know that concussions are becoming a very serious problem.

Many professional sports (NFL included) are taking the concussion issue very seriously, implementing programs, more strict regulations and improved equipment to help reduce concussion risk. But, this still is not fixing the issue.

The Brain Doctor, Dr. Harry Kerasidis, joins Andrea and Lisa to discuss the seriousness of this issue and provides information on symptoms and how to treat a concussion. Dr. Kerasidis also explains how concussions are affecting sports on the professional level.