​Level Up: How Technology Can Assist in Recovery

From the Show: Rewired Radio
Summary: ​Did you know that people download more than 10 million mobile apps every day?
Air Date: 12/11/15
Duration: 10 Minutes
Guest Bio: Jeff Smith, CEO of Recovery Brands
attachment-1 1Jeff Smith is CEO of Recovery Brands. He co-founded Recovery Brands in 2011 after previously developing several brands in the behavioral health space which were acquired. A long-time believer in the power of addiction treatment and recovery programs' ability to change and save lives, he has been dedicated to developing consumer information, resources, and tools to improve the process of assessing, educating, and solving addiction issues.

Prior to forming Recovery Brands, Jeff had built an internet marketing agency acquired in 2009 by Geary Interactive (now Geary LSF), and in 2011 a digital lifestyle guide he created was acquired by the San Diego Union Tribune. Jeff is currently involved in a non-profit that brings technology equipment to underprivileged teens who are on track to attend a four-year university.
​Level Up: How Technology Can Assist in Recovery
​Did you know that people download more than 10 million mobile apps every day? 

People are using apps to assist with everything from managing their finances to monitoring their health. 

The right app can also help with recovery by providing real-time tracking about what affects your moods, how different situations have an impact on you, and providing insight into your red flags and triggers.

Jeff Smith is one of the leading developers, along with his business partner Abhilash Patel, of technology that is designed to help with addiction recovery. 

Erica and Jeff talk about how technology can be a valuable tool in overcoming barriers to seeking treatment.