How the Right Resources Can Save Lives

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Summary: Navigating the complex system of recovery resources can be overwhelming, especially when you don’t have the luxury of time.
Air Date: 11/13/17
Duration: 26:33
Guest Bio: Chris Freeman, Recovery Advocate & Co-Founder of SoberWorx
Chris-FreemanChris Freeman is a Recovery Advocate and Co-Founder of the SoberWorx recovery resource and advocacy website.

Chris is widely recognized as the heart and soul of SoberWorx. If you ever need help he’s there, 24/7, phone in hand ready to help, and if he can’t you can be sure he knows someone that can. Chris is the guy everyone knows, he’s the man who connects all the resources together; without Chris there would be no SoberWorx.

Everyday Chris starts his day online, looking for that single resource that could save a life, and the last thing he does is make sure his phone and tablet are charged in case anyone needs help through the night! Chris has a heart of gold and his reason for living is to help others, he maintains his recovery is based on giving back to others, and that’s what he does, seven days a week, 365 days a year!

Chris’s journey to sobriety has been a long and hard journey, he’s experienced so many things that his viewpoint and focus makes him a key founder in SoberWorx.

Chris and his fellow co-founders Adam Mitchell and Robert Apple all work tirelessly to bring people in need resources, be it a therapist, a sober living home or just a listening ear.
At SoberWorx we strive to give direct, honest help and assistance to individuals and families seeking a solution during their time of need.

SoberWorx is founded on a very simple premise; we want to help save lives, reduce the negativity and advocate change. To accomplish our goal, we have brought together some of the very best, and most vital resources, websites and recovery based media into one central destination on the internet.

We started SoberWorx in the U.S. and the U.K. to help families and individuals find addiction recovery resources, such as counselors, treatment centers and sober living homes using our brand new custom software and mobile app.
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How the Right Resources Can Save Lives
Navigating the complex system of recovery resources can be overwhelming, especially when you don’t have the luxury of time.

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Chris Freeman is with SoberWorx, whose mission is “To organize the best addiction recovery resources on the planet into one location.”

Chris and the SoberWorx team focus on connecting people with the people and information they need to fight addiction and sustain successful recovery. He shares the SoberWorx story and discusses how connecting people with the right resources can save lives.

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