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Bring Laughter & Joy to Your Child's Bedtime Routine

Summary: Great tips for happy nights with your children that will bring happy mornings, using the power of imagination and laughter.
Air Date: 1/3/13
Duration: 10
Host: Dr. David Friedman
Guest Bio: Judy Egett Laufer, BA
judy laufer blogJudy Egett Laufer BA, author of the new release, Last Night I Had a  Laughmare-Bedtime Adventures in Gigglyville,  is a certified early childhood  educator/consultant and has taught Kindergarten for over a decade. She wrote this to help families bring laughter and joy to their children's bedtime routine. Her strategy for diffusing difficult situations with children is infusing a little humor and sillyness. Laufer wanted to give
children and their parents a fun way to approach bedtime. Laufer attended Concordia University in Montreal, Canada. She is married and she currently lives with her husband and son in the Southwest.

    Bring Laughter & Joy to Your Child's Bedtime Routine
    Judy Laufer, author of Last Night I Had a Laughmare: Bedtime Adventures in Gigglyville, will be discussing this new book on To Your Good Health Radio. Laufer will explain the health benefits of laughter, including physical and emotional, and tips on the values of a good night's sleep.

    Some of these tips include happy nights making happy mornings, the power of imagination and using laughter to teach children.