Hour 1: YOU The Owner's Manual Radio 8.6.16

Summary: Join Dr. Roizen and his expert guests for the latest health news, wellness advice and most up-to-date research from around the world.
Air Date: 8/6/16
Duration: 60
Host: Michael Roizen, MD
Guest Bio: Diana Nyad, Author
Diana-NyadFor her maverick open-water performance of the 1970s, Diana Nyad was known as the world’s greatest long-distance swimmer.

For the next 30 years, Nyad was a prominent sports broadcaster and journalist, filing compelling stories for National Public Radio, ABC’s Wide World of Sports, and others.

She is a national fitness icon, has written three other books, is a talented linguist, and is one of today’s most powerful and engaging public speakers.
  • Book Title: Find a Way
  • Guest Facebook Account:
  • Guest Twitter Account: @diananyad
Hour 1: YOU The Owner's Manual Radio 8.6.16
World-renowned physician, Dr. Michael Roizen, MD, continues to update your understanding of the meaning of health by providing an in-depth review of the most impactful health headlines. He discusses the health news that matters most to you.

Dr. Roizen is later joined by Diana Nyad, author of Find a Way. At the age of 64, Diana swam 111 miles from Cuba to Florida, a feat she describes as less of a sports moment and more of "life moment."

If you need a little inspiration to achieve your dreams, discover why she was able to achieve at 64 what she couldn't do at 30. Find out how her dramatic failures pushed her to success.

Listen to this fascinating story of an athlete and brave spirit. Her tale can give you the courage to face your fears, engage in your life full force and live each day with no regrets.

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