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New Clinic Cares for MIS-C Patients

Multisystem Inflammatory Syndrome (MIS-C) is a rare but serious complication associated with COVID-19. First recognized in April 2020, MIS-C has now been diagnosed in more than 1288 children across the country as of December 4, 2020 according to the CDC. The syndrome can affect multiple organs, including the heart.

The MIS-C Clinic at St. Louis Children’s Hospital was established as a collaborative clinic between Cardiology and Rheumatology to specifically care for children experiencing this inflammatory syndrome and to monitor any heart-related issues as a result of the syndrome.

Dr. William Orr, Pediatric Cardiologist at St. Louis Children’s Hospital and Associate Professor of Pediatrics at Washington University School of Medicine, joins us to talk more about MIS-C, what we’ve learned about the disease, and the new clinic caring for these patients at St. Louis Children’s.
New Clinic Cares for MIS-C Patients
Featured Speaker:
William Orr, MD
William Orr, MD is a Pediatric Cardiologist, St. Louis Children’s Hospital Assistant Professor of Pediatrics, Cardiology Associate Director, Pediatric Cardiology Fellowship.