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Allergies & Hidden Symptoms

Many people suffer from allergies, whether they are seasonal or all-year long.

Allergy symptoms normally present as itchy eyes, bouts of sneezing and hives.

However, did you know that you may be an allergy sufferer if you are experiencing joint pain, bloating and even insomnia?  

Dr. Susanne Bennett is a full-time natural allergy specialist. She joins Dr. Friedman to share some of these hidden symptoms, as well as the unlikely places that could cause you to develop allergies... even if you haven't had them before.
Allergies & Hidden Symptoms
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Dr-Susanne-BennettDr. Susanne Bennett, a full-time natural allergy specialist in Santa Monica, CA, has logged in over 100,000 patient visits over the past 24 years, ranging from children to working moms, auto mechanics to movie stars.  

Sometimes her patients suffer from traditional symptoms like hives, sneezing and headaches. Other times, her patients—like many people with unexplained symptoms—aren’t even aware that their joint pain, bloating, digestive problems, weight gain and insomnia, are allergy-related.

Dr. Bennett’s patients’ lives are transformed, all without costly doctor visits, drugs, or surgery. Dr. Bennett gives patients the tools they need to be their own allergy detectives.