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Beauty Treatments During Pregnancy: What Is Safe?

Beauty Treatments During Pregnancy: What Is Safe?
Pregnant women tend to be more vulnerable, more hormonal and want to be perceived as beautiful and attractive while their body is going through a huge transformation. Oftentimes, moms-to-be would like to continue beauty treatments to help maintain their appearance and confidence.

But there are some treatments they have to forgo while pregnant.

One treatment you've either fallen in love with or have always wanted to try is laser hair removal. This uses special light lasers that specifically target the darker pigment of your hair and destroys your hair follicle. Eventually, after a series of treatments, your hair won't grow back.

However, this treatment is a big no-no if you're pregnant or trying to conceive.

When you're pregnant, your hormones may seem like they're taking your body on a roller coaster ride, specifically your face. Your facial skin is the most affected by hormonal changes during pregnancy. Your skin may darken, become overly dry or oily and be prone to breakouts.

You may think the first thing you should do is get a facial or a chemical peel to help your skin combat these changes. However, some of the chemicals used within the peels can be passed through your breast milk and are unsafe for your baby.

What chemicals should be avoided and what other beauty treatments should you stay away from during pregnancy?

Deanna Stellato, the lead esthetician at The Geldner Center, joins Dr. Pam Peeke and Michelle King Robson to discuss which beauty treatments are safe and which ones you should avoid during your pregnancy.

Some beauty treatments you should avoid:
  • Chemical Peels or facials that contain salicylic and lactic acid
  • Laser hair removal
  • Topical prescription creams
  • Any exfoliating acid face washes or moisturizers
  • Botox injections
  • Latisse (eyelash lengthening product)
Featured Speaker:
Deanna Stellato
Deanna StellatoCombining innovative skin care with patient-focused care, Deanna Stellato, the lead esthetician at The Geldner Center, is making beauty soar well beyond skin deep. Bringing a dose of expertise and passion to The Geldner Center, Stellato, a native of Illinois, is a pro in pampering.

A former American figure skater, Deanna fondly remembers being rewarded by her mother with spa days and luxurious facials after winning competitions; prizes that would inevitably lead her to a fulfilling career in aesthetics. After retiring from competitive figure skating and coaching, Deanna enrolled in the College of Beauty Culture. She received her aesthetics license and went on to further her knowledge of advanced medical aesthetics with a variety of specialty skincare courses.

Finding a fit at The Geldner Center's Chicago office, Deanna specializes in more than a dozen types of skincare peels and facials. Deanna's skincare expertise has been recognized by Allure, Chicago Social, Michigan Avenue and New Beauty.