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Spring Into Spring! 7 Ways to Be More Optimistic
We set the clocks ahead for daylight savings and many of us woke up to a darker sky feeling sluggish thanks to a one hour loss of sleep. If you hit the snooze, pulled the covers...
Spring Clean Your Diet
From strawberries to asparagus, spring brings a ton of new produce options.
Do’s & Don’t of Spring Cleaning Your Body
As you move through the seasons, you may do a thorough "Spring Cleaning" of your house. You can do the same for your body and health.
Spring Cleaning: Refresh Your Life & Home
This Spring, learn how to de-stress your life with easy tips to de-clutter and organize your home and mind.
Spring Break Health Tips
Spring Break can bring severe health risks, including binge drinking, drugs and more. Learn what may be waiting for your child on their next Spring Break.
3 Inexpensive "D" Strategies to Hit the Refresh Button & Spring Clean Your Body
Spring is the time for renewal, and there’s no better time to hit the refresh button on your health. This past winter season has been especially brutal to our health, between...
Spring Clean Your Pantry
Warm spring temperatures inspire us to open the windows and get organized. Whether you clean from floor to ceiling or just enough to lighten the load, make sure you add pantry...
Spring Cleaning Your Social Media
Is it time for you to do some spring cleaning with your social media?
Keep Your Child Safe Over Spring Break
How can you keep your child safe over spring break?
3 "D" Health Hacks for Spring
Get your vitamin D, destress and declutter with these great spring tips.
Spring Into a Thinner You
Whether it's Spring, Summer, Fall or Winter... you can always find ways to spring into a thinner you. Here are some tips.
Preventing Spring Allergies
Get Your Skin Spring Ready
Tired of winter's drying effects? Get your skin smooth, supple and ready for spring.
Spring Break Dos & Don'ts
Teenagers feel they are invincible, and of couse this is not true. Listen for solutions to help our kids make the right decisions while traveling or on Spring Break.
Spring Clean Your Body: 10 Steps to a Healthy & Natural Detox
Instead of spring cleaning your home this year, you may want to spring clean your body.
Spring Clean Your Bathroom Counter
How often should you switch up your bath sponges and loofahs? What about skincare or beauty products? Listen in for all the answers from beauty expert, David Pollock.
Spring Break and STD's
Signs, symptoms and important prevention options against STD's are discussed.
Put Your Best Fork Forward this Spring
There’s something about spring that inspires many of us to clean out our closets and our kitchen cabinets. So, it’s fitting that National Nutrition Month ® falls in March, a...
Carol Alt: Spring Salads
Spring is a great time to make the adjustment from comfort food to fresh salads and vegetables.
Spring Clean Your Beauty Routine
You spring clean your closet and wardrobe, but have you ever done a deep dive into your beauty regimen?
Spring Clean Your Beauty Routine
You spring clean your closet and wardrobe, but have you ever done a deep dive into your beauty regimen?
Spring Clean Your Diet: Strategies to Address Habits, Not Just Food Choices
With the arrival of spring and shedding winter layers, people are also thinking about ways to shed those extra winter pounds.
Spring: When Allergies Are at Their Worst
The spring season is here, and with it comes those pesky allergies.
Spring Into a Healthier Diet
The change in seasons brings spring cleaning to mind. But, you should think about spring cleaning your diet all year long.
Spring & Summer Superfoods
Looking to banish that winter bloat? Learn the top Spring and Summer super foods to get you on your way to a flatter tummy.
Spring Break Safety Tips
Spring break is a great time for the family to get away from the cold, dark days of winter and have some fun in the sun. What safety precautions should you take?
Spring Clean Your Youth Sports Routine
Spring Clean Your Diet: Fresh Strategies That Address Habits, Not Just Food Choices
Tips to Spring GREEN Your Closet & Make Money
Those old or unworn items in your closet don't have to be a burden. You can even make some cool cash with a few simple steps.
Spring Recharge: 8 Tips for a Healthy Seasonal Transformation
What do new seasonal beginnings actually look like?
Lovely Legs for Spring
Sports, Games & Fitness Trends for Spring
Do you know the latest sports, games and fitness trends for this spring? Time to get up off that couch and join in the fun!
Prevent Spring and Seasonal Allergies
Learn the patterns that may mean you are dealing with seasonal allergies.
Spring Clean Your Kitchen with 5 Easy Diet Changes
Making daily switches towards raw foods and fruits full of natural nutrients and toxin-blockers will have huge health benefits for your weight and your health in the long run.
Spring Training: Baseball Injury Season?
Are your little athletes at risk for injuries this baseball season? Learn tips on preventing those injuries before they happen.
Culinary CPR: Springtime Rack of Lamb with Minted Pea Puree & Pea Shoot Salad
Chef Luca Paris joins Dr. Mike to share his recipe for Spring Time Rack of Lamb with Minted Pea Puree & Pea Shoot Salad.
The Hottest Gaming Trends to Get You in Shape
Video Games = Couch Potato. Not necessarily! Learn the latest gaming trends that will get you in tip-top shape.
Natural Solutions for Allergy Symptoms
Aside from warmer weather and lifted spirits, what does Spring bring? Allergies. Learn some natural ways to fight your allergy symptoms.
Health Benefits of Ayurveda
Being healthy, isn’t just one factor of your life; it is the culmination of your life.
5 Most Common Springtime Injuries
The weather is lovely and it's time to take fitness outdoors. Just be cautious of these common spring injuries.
What Does It Mean to Have a Fierce Heart?
Spring Washam shares her contemporary, unique interpretation of the Buddha’s 2,500-year-old teachings.
Cultivating a Fierce Heart
it’s when life is at its most challenging that we are getting our mind, body, and spirit ready to take on anything.
By Michael Roizen, M.D., And Mehmet Oz, M.D.
Coughing hard enough to make you vomit? Big coughs and big solutions Last spring, Australian MP Graham Perrett, was watching an episode of "Veep" while eating sushi. Laughing at...
Can You Die from Too Much Caffeine?
Too much caffeine caused the death of a 16-year-old high school student from South Carolina who collapsed during class. Davis Allen Cripe died from a caffeine-induced cardiac...
By Michael Roizen, M.D., And Mehmet Oz, M.D.
Protect your heart to protect your brain Cyclone Debbie wreaked havoc on the coast of northeastern Australia this spring. The torrential rains caused three major rivers to crest...
5-Day Real Food Detox
If you're looking to "spring clean" your system, it's important to do your research so you can find the right fit for you.
Simple Summer Detox Improves Skin & Energy Levels
Summer is a great time to finally shake the cobwebs of the cooler, darker spring and winter months.
House Cleaning with Pantry Ingredients
You can do a lot of your spring cleaning with vinegar, baking soda and salt.
Safety Tips for Springtime Travelers
Travel safely this spring break with tips from a Krav Maga expert.
Sudden Cardiac Arrest May Not Be So Sudden
In spring training 1961, a rookie pitcher took the mound, and his blistering fastball earned him the nickname "Sudden" Sam McDowell. It stuck through his 11 seasons with the...
Winter Workouts: Stay Active During The “Snuggle” Months
Sweeter Dreams Without Sleeping Pills
Madonna admits: "I'm a workaholic. I have insomnia." Seems the lady who crooned "Bedtime Story" ("Let's get unconscious, honey") hasn't discovered how to get 40 winks. And then...
A Personal Journey Through Depression
I woke up smiling today. It was the first time in months I felt a grin that big. The sun was shinning, a breeze tickled my face as I stepped outside on my balcony. It was almost...
Feeling Tired? Try This
Hang on to your coffee mugs, North Americans. You lost 191 million hours of sleep on March 9, the first workday of Daylight Savings Time. Every year when clocks across the U.S....
6 Ways to Achieve Natural Allergy Relief
Stop your allergy symptoms from making you miserable.
Backyard Dangers: Fertilizers & Pesticides
Can the beautiful spring lawn you're creating be a real hazard to your kids?
Oh No... I Gained the Freshman 15! Now What?
You get home for spring break, weigh yourself and oh no... you have put on 15 pounds! How can you lose it at school when the choices are so crappy?
Simple Steps to Detox Your Kitchen
"Spring Cleaning" has gone beyond just washing windows and floors. It's taken on a much broader meaning in terms of your health.
Your Missing Beach Body
Where did your beach body go? How do you get it back?
CATCH – BMC’s Resource for Gender Non-conforming Youth
By Michael Roizen, M.D., And Mehmet Oz, M.D.
Exercising inside or outside: What's winter wise? If you enjoy jogging, walking, cycling or other warmer-weather activities, it's hard when a serious wind chill or snowstorm...
Finding Peace in Troubling Times
Reconnect with yourself and weather the troubling times we face.
Encore Episode: Allergies & Trigger Factors
Ah-choo! What's behind your child's sudden sinus issues?
EP 53 - Dynamic Running Therapy: New Tool for Managing Anxiety & Depression
There’s a highly effective new way to leave anxiety, anger, fearfulness and depression behind, called Dynamic Running Therapy (DRT).
Allergies & Trigger Factors
Ah-choo! What's behind your child's sudden sinus issues?
By Michael Roizen, M.D., And Mehmet Oz, M.D.
Getting gutsy about allergies On a summer day in 1483, the Duke of Gloucester, soon to become King Richard III of England, sent for some strawberries to eat. Hours later, he...
By Michael Roizen, M.D., And Mehmet Oz, M.D.
Does your child's doctor check on these important issues? The American Academy of Pediatrics suggests that from age 3 children get an annual well-child checkup. It should cover...
Ep36 - How to Transition to Healthy Eating Habits: Isabel Smith
How to transition for poor eating habits to healthy ones, why you need to take time for yourself, how to find more joy in your life and more with Isabel Smith.
Getting Away from Food Dogma with Home Cooking
Home cooking is a great resource for getting back in touch with your body and understanding which foods nurture your body best.
Allergic Rhinitis & Allergy Testing
New Partnership Between Summit Medical Group and the MD Anderson Cancer Center
Get to Know Your Meat
Learning about the origin of the meat you consume can enrich your food experience.
By Michael Roizen, M.D., And Mehmet Oz, M.D.
Harness your body's best anti-agers Stanford University researchers were stunned. In a recent experiment that grabbed headlines around the world, they saw one in three stroke...
Dairy-Free & Gluten-Free Meal Options
Food allergies? Discover these delicious (yet simple) gluten-free and dairy-free recipe ideas.
Dairy-Free & Gluten-Free Meal Options
Food allergies? Discover these delicious (yet simple) gluten-free and dairy-free recipe ideas.
Are You Responsible for Your Own Wrinkles & Lines?
Many aspects of facial and body aging are inevitable and a fact of life. However, there are daily habits, motions and actions that we do that unnecessarily accelerate the aging...
The New Science Of Sun Protection
Got a love-hate relationship with your sunscreen? You're not alone. We plunk down nearly $400 million a year on sun-care products in bottles, cans, tubes and sticks - even as...
Planting a Pet-Safe Garden
It's time to plant your garden. Be sure to keep kitty Gus and puppy Buster safe when you work the land.
Take It Outside: Fun Outdoor Workouts
Learn how to transition your workout from indoors to outdoors.
Allergy & Asthma Season: What You Should Know
Learn how best to deal with allergy and asthma season.
Culinary CPR: Crab & Asparagus Pasta with White Wine & Lemon Caper Sauce
Chef Luca Paris joins Dr. Mike to discuss Dr. Mike's own recipe for Crab and Asparagus Pasta with White Wine and Lemon Caper Sauce.
Tanning Beds: Are They Safe?
Are tanning beds safe?
Are Women More Susceptible To Sports Injuries?
How to Prevent & Treat Your Cold or Flu
What should you have in your cabinets to prepare for cold and flu season?
When You Don’t See the Sun for Months: Battling Wintertime Blues
By changing the way you think, can you feel better during the winter months?
Heal Tennis Elbow With Some Time Off
Roberta Vinci's shocking victory over Serena Williams in the semifinals of the U.S. Open this year set up an all-Italian finale. That contest saw Vinci lose to 33-year-old...
New Hope for Diabetes Blindness
Between 40 to 45 percent of Americans diagnosed with diabetes have some stage of diabetic retinopathy.
Ask Dr. Mike: Vitamin D Dosing & Taking Probiotics on an Empty Stomach
Listen in as Dr. Mike provides the answers to a wealth of health and wellness questions.
Bites & Stings: Keep Your Child Safe this Summer
What are the different types of reactions to bee stings?
The Lung Cancer Vaccine from Cuba: Is Hope on the Horizon?
How does the CimaVax vaccine for lung cancer work, and what's unique about it?
Non-Toxic Pest Control for Your Home
Chemical pesticides have been linked to diseases such as cancer. What are some safe, non-toxic alternatives?
Coping with Seasonal Allergies
Ask HER: How to Add More Protein to Your Diet, Treating Your Toenail Fungus, PLUS Eating for Healthier Hair
Listen in as Pam and Michelle answer your personal health questions.
Reducing Asthma & Allergy Symptoms in Each Room of Your Home
Making a few simple changes in each room of your house can dramatically reduce symptoms of asthma and allergies.
Ask Dr. Mike: Are Zero Calorie Energy Drinks THAT Bad for You?
Listen in as Dr. Mike provides the answers to a wealth of health and wellness questions.
Breaking Through: 4 Signs You’re in a Winter Food Rut
A whopping 59 percent of women gained an average of 4.5 pounds in the winter months.
Allergies & Asthma: How Can You Find Relief?
How can you bring awareness and help end unnecessary deaths and suffering from allergies and asthma?
Down in the Dumps? Beat Your Winter Blues
Think the winter blues are all in your head? Think again.
Indoor Field Sports Hazzard: Turf Toe
The coldest NFL football game may have been the Ice Bowl, played at Green Bay's Lambeau Field, on Dec. 31, 1967 (air temperature was -13 F; wind chill -48) or the Freezer Bowl,...
5 Do-It-Yourself Cold Remedies
What are some homeopathic cold and flu remedies that won't make you feel like you're in a complete fog?

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