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Understanding Your Childs Symptoms: When to Be Concerned

It is important for parents to evaluate their child’s symptoms and distinguish minor everyday concerns with more serious conditions.

You're Having Twins, Are You Ready?

You've just found out you're having twins, are you ready?

The Value of Child (and Adult) Play

Playtime can help develop imagination, build friendships and help your child deal with stress.
Guest: Wendy Sue Swanson, MD

Back-to-School Sleep Transitions for Grade School

Getting your children to adjust to a school sleep schedule can be a challenge.

Guest: Wendy Sue Swanson, MD

Oral Health: 5 Ways to Avoid Cavities

Healthy teeth are an important part of a child’s wellness.
Guest: Wendy Sue Swanson, MD

Ebola Virus: What You Need to Know

The risk of an Ebola outbreak to people in the U.S. or other areas of the world outside West Africa is extremely low.
Guest: Yvonne A. Maldonado, MD

School Starts Soon: Are Your Children Vaccinated?

Vaccinations are one of the most important things you can do as a parent to ensure your child's long-term health.
Guest: Carrie Byington, MD

Fever, Vomiting, Stomach Aches: When Is This an Emergency?

When your child is sick, how do you know when it's truly an emergency?
Guest: Elizabeth Murray, DO

What to Expect When You Call 911

If you're experiencing any sort of emergency, what can you expect when you call 911 for help?
Guest: Elizabeth Murray, DO

Bounce Houses: All Fun or Big Injury Risk?

Bounce houses can be a blast; but they can also pose a real danger.
Guest: Gary Smith, MD

Reading Aloud to Infants Daily Matters

According to the AAP, there are very real benefits to reading to your baby... even as early as infancy.
Guest: Pamela High, MD

Healthy Food Choices During the School Year

Starting your child's day with a healthy breakfast and packing a healthy lunch (that your child will actually eat) can be tricky.
Guest: David Hill, MD

Injury Prevention: Getting Ready for Fall Sports

Parents play a vital role in preparing their children to train and condition properly.
Guest: David Hill, MD

Kids & Tech: Time to Get Their Own Device?

When is the right time to introduce your kids to all the devices that can help (or hinder) their schooling and growth?
Guest: David Hill, MD

Choosing the Right Babysitter for Your Child

What qualities should you be looking for in a babysitter?
Guest: Elizabeth Murray, MD
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