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Helping Your Child Deal with Maturing Physically

Puberty, menstruation, voice changes and body development are just some of the changes all children go through.
Guest: Cora Collette Breuner, MD, MPH

Contraception: Time to Protect Your Adolescent & Teen

Each year, approximately 750,000 adolescent girls become pregnant.
Guest: Dr. Mary Ott

Is it a Cold or a Fall Allergy?

Allergy season is upon us. As parents you have to keep an eye on your child's symptoms.
Guest: Dr. Corinn Cross

Home First Aid Kits: Do You Have All You Need?

You have a first aid kit, but is it up-to-date and do you know the best way to use it?
Guest: Dr. Elizabeth Murray

Head Injuries: When to Seek Care

Head injuries can be very scary; but which symptoms are normal and which need medical care?
Guest: Dr. Elizabeth Murray

Should Tots Have Access to Electronic Devices?

Do you think toddlers should be able to "play" with tablets and smart phones? Will this make them smarter?
Guest: Dr. David Hill

Family Dynamics at Mealtimes Impact Children's Weight

Eating together as a family might be more important than you think. It could have a life-long impact on your child's weight.
Guest: Dr. David Hill

Are You Getting the Best Care at a Teaching Hospital?

Are you getting the best health care at a teaching hospital?
Guest: Dr. Elizabeth Murray

Secrets for Managing Your Child's Busy Schedule

School, homework and extra activities have our children as busy as ever.
Guest: Dr. Corinn Cross

AAP Stresses the Importance of Bone Health in Childhood

What you do for your child's bone health now can affect their risk of osteoporosis later in life.
Guest: Dr. Neville Golden

Flu Season: Time to Get Your Kids Vaccinated

The AAP recommends seasonal influenza vaccine for all children six months and older.
Guest: Dr. Hank Bernstein

Bullying: Help Your Child Avoid Being a Target

Are there strategies you can teach your child to help them NOT be the subject of the local bully?
Guest: Dr. Bob Sege

Disciplining Your Child: Is Spanking Ever Okay?

As a parent, you will undoubtedly have days when it seems impossible to get your child to behave.
Guest: Dr. Bob Sege

Reports of a Severe Respiratory Illness on the Rise

Areas of the U.S. are experiencing an outbreak of respiratory illness that has sent hundreds of children to the hospital.
Guest: Dr. Mary Anne Jackson

Teaching Manners Goes a Long Way Towards Maturity

Manners are a very important part of a child's life, and the sooner you start teaching them, the better.
Guest: Dr. Corinn Cross
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