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Dangers Posed by Liquid Nicotine to Children

Colorful bottles and sweet flavors make the packaging of liquid nicotine refills very attractive to your child.
Expert: Kyran Quinlan, MD

New Years Resolutions for Kids

Making new years resolutions for you and your child is more than just promising to do better.
Expert: Corinn Cross, MD

Best Ways to Travel with Your Kids

Traveling with your children can be so rewarding with just a few basic ground rules.
Expert: David Hill, MD

Winter Sports for Your Child

Whether sloshing in the snow or snowboarding, safety first during the cold winter months.
Expert: David Hill, MD

Age Appropriate Electronic Gifts for Your Child

Electronic devices are everywhere, but which ones are right for your child?
Expert: David Hill, MD

Keeping Your Infant Safe During Sleep Time

SIDS is the leading cause of death for infants between one and 12 months of age.
Expert: Corinn Cross, MD

Teaching Children About Volunteering & Community Service

You and your children can help so many people by volunteering during the holiday season.
Expert: Corinn Cross, MD

Braces? Expanders? Keeping Your Teen's Teeth Healthy

Oral health is still very important while wearing braces or an expander.
Expert: David Krol, MD

School-Age Dental Concerns: Fluoride Treatments & More

Fluoride can strengthen tooth enamel and help prevent tooth decay.
Expert: David Krol, MD

Teething and Early Oral Health for Babies & Toddlers

Healthy teeth are an important part of your child's overall health.
Expert: David Krol, MD

Should Teens Have Cosmetic Surgery?

From nose jobs to breast enhancements, you and your teen are talking about cosmetic surgery. Is this detrimental or helpful to your teen's self esteem?
Expert: Corinn Cross, MD

Are Colleges Prepared for Kids with Health Issues?

Twenty percent of kids attending college have a chronic condition, yet relatively few universities have the resources to support these students.
Expert: Diana Lemly, MD

TV & Movie Ratings: A Helpful Guide for Parents

When you think of movie and TV ratings, parents tend to trust the letters. But has society changed so much that we are desensitized to violence and/or sex?
Expert: Corinn Cross, MD

From the Playroom to the Boardroom: Guiding Your Teen to a Full Life

Has your teen decided what he or she would like to work toward as a career?
Expert: Laura Jana, MD

The Virtual Invasion of Technology into Childhood

Is our technological age good or bad for your children's future?
Expert: Laura Jana, MD
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