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Should Teens Have Cosmetic Surgery?

From nose jobs to breast enhancements, you and your teen are talking about cosmetic surgery. Is this detrimental or helpful to your teen's self esteem?
Guest: Dr. Corinn Cross

Are Colleges Prepared for Kids with Health Issues?

Twenty percent of kids attending college have a chronic condition, yet relatively few universities have the resources to support these students.
Guest: Diana Lemly, MD

TV & Movie Ratings: A Helpful Guide for Parents

When you think of movie and TV ratings, parents tend to trust the letters. But has society changed so much that we are desensitized to violence and/or sex?
Guest: Dr. Corinn Cross

From the Playroom to the Boardroom: Guiding Your Teen to a Full Life

Has your teen decided what he or she would like to work toward as a career?
Guest: Dr. Laura Jana

The Virtual Invasion of Technology into Childhood

Is our technological age good or bad for your children's future?
Guest: Dr. Laura Jana

21st Century Business Plan for Parents

From toddler to teen, keeping your children on course to be successful in life requires a bit of planning and direction.
Guest: Dr. Laura Jana

Talk, Sing & Read to Your Baby (Dads Too!)

Research has shown the importance of reading, talking and singing in infant and toddler language development.
Guest: Betty R. Vohr, MD

Teaching Your Kids to Recognize Stranger Danger

If someone tells your child, "mommy's in trouble, get in my car," does your child know what to do?
Guest: Dr. David Hill

Keeping Your Kids Safe on Halloween

Keeping your children safe on Halloween is up to you.
Guest: Dr. David Hill

Strep is More than Just a Sore Throat

Strep throat is most common in children between the ages of five and 15, though children under five and adults can also become infected.
Guest: Shawn Ralston, MD

Treating Bronchiolitis in Young Children

Bronchiolitis is the most common cause of hospitalization among infants under one year of age.
Guest: Shawn Ralston, MD

Children's Cancer Risk: Don't Ignore These Symptoms

Fever, chills, appetite loss, aching bones or joints are just some of the symptoms that could be signs of cancer in your child.
Guest: Kathleen A. Neville, MD

Is Your Child Getting Too Much Medication?

Roughly every eight minutes a child in the U.S. experiences a medication mistake.
Guest: Kathleen A. Neville, MD

Non-Prescription Contacts Can Harm Your Child's Eyes

Decorative contact lenses can make you look cool, but are they bad for your eyes?
Guest: David Granet, MD

Helping Your Child Deal with Maturing Physically

Puberty, menstruation, voice changes and body development are just some of the changes all children go through.
Guest: Cora Collette Breuner, MD, MPH
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