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Encore Episode: Skipping Unnecessary Carbs
Find out how to get the carbs you need without overdoing it.
Filling Your Fitness Bank
Will working out today help your future health?
Beyond Weight Loss: Exercise Benefits for Overweight People
There are benefits for exercise in overweight folks beyond numbers on a scale.
HIIT: Is It Right for You?
Is High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) right for you? Will it help you reach your personal fitness goals?
Skipping Unnecessary Carbs
Find out how to get the carbs you need without overdoing it.
Eat Slow, then Fast
How can you teach yourself to slow down while eating?
Breaking the Diet Chain
Why is it important to prevent a lapse from happening?
Checking In with Your New Year's Resolution
Why do New Year's Resolutions often fail?
Eating Healthy: It’s YOUR Responsibility
How can you learn basic health information?
Morning Nutrition: Kickstart Your Day in a Healthy Way
You may not realize it, but juice has just as much sugar as soda pop.
Weight Loss Frenemies: Why You Need Support for a Healthy Lifestyle
Why is support so important when adapting a healthier lifestyle?
How Real People Get in Shape & Lose Weight
You see and hear miracle weight loss tactics touted by celebrities, but are they realistic for YOU?
Pros & Cons of Weight Loss Challenges
Is your work place conducting a weight loss challenge, trying to be like the biggest loser? Learn why this approach might backfire.
Have You Had Your Oprah Moment?
Have you had your Oprah moment? That moment you said to yourself... "I simply have to make changes for my health."
Get Real: Being Honest with Yourself Will Help You Lose Weight
Being honest with yourself is essential for making healthy behavior changes and setting attainable goals.
Treat Weight Loss Like Your Most Important Job
Do you have the time to devote to exercise and life style changes? No! Yes, we said no. No one HAS the time to get in shape, you have to MAKE the time.
Go Nuts for Better Health
Are you nuts for nuts? Well they are proving to be better for you than even the experts thought.
Exercise: Getting the Most Out of Your Diet
Which matters more: diet or exercise? Maybe its both.
Do You Know Your BMI? Your Health Depends on It
BMI has been a long-time measure of weight, but could it also serve as a measure of overall health?
Small Steps that Lead to Big Weight Loss
There are certain behaviors that are needed for long-term weight loss. Learn how you can finally lose those extra pounds for good.
Are You Sabotaging Your Own Weight Loss?
You may not even realize the many ways you undermine your own weight loss efforts. We're here to help.

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