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Healthy Eating During the Thanksgiving Holiday
Your thanksgiving meal doesn't have to be unhealthy.
Vegan-Ease Your Thanksgiving Feast
If you're following a vegan or vegetarian diet, what options do you have for your Thanksgiving feast?
Healthy Trade-Ups for Thanksgiving Dinner
Thanksgiving dinner often entails rich, fattening foods. What if you could keep the taste, but ramp up the healthiness?
Thanksgiving Facts and Myths
Is white turkey meat better for you than dark? Do cranberries really prevent urinary tract infections? Surprising food facts revealed.
Ep13 - Get Along at Thanksgiving: Genella Macintyre
How to get along at Thanksgiving and navigate the holidays, five steps to reduce stress, and the one thing that can make your life better today with author and international...
Travel Well: Healthy Thanksgiving
Expert fitness trainer, Ulrick Bien-Aime, shares his tips to travel healthy around the holidays.
Travel Well: Healthy Thanksgiving
Expert fitness trainer, Ulrick Bien-Aime, shares his tips to travel healthy around the holidays.
The Healthy Side of Thanksgiving
The Healthy Side of Thanksgiving
The holidays are full of rich traditions and calorie-filled dishes. How can you eat healthier through the holidays and still maintain your figure?
Thanksgiving Eating: You Don't Have to Gain 10 Pounds
Can you have you turkey, stuffing and sweet treats and watch your waistline? YES.
By Michael Roizen, M.D., And Mehmet Oz, M.D.
Get winter off to a running start Thanksgiving Day Turkey Trots got thousands of folks from Maine to Southern California and scores of places in between (Franklin, Tennessee;...
Lighten Up Your Holiday Recipes without Compromising on Taste
Sometime between Halloween and Thanksgiving, health goals go out the window to make room for treats galore. We start planning menus focused on traditional recipes, and even with...
Don't Be A Turkey This Turkey Bowl Season
Dr. Mike's Cleveland Clinic sees plenty; so does Dr. Oz's New York Presbyterian Hospital: emergency-room visits for sprains, broken bones, contusions and concussions following a...
Encore Episode: Sleep Cheats: Simple Ways to Get More Rest
Get the sleep you need for optimal health.
Preventing Holiday Weight Gain
How can you survive holiday festivities without gaining weight?
Sleep Cheats: Simple Ways to Get More Rest
Get the sleep you need for optimal health.
Holiday Feast “Un-Confusion”: Eat to Your Heart’s Content
Every time the holidays come around, the hopeful eyes and ears of millions of people tune into the ocean of what media tells them to eat in order to avoid gaining weight....
Autumn Foods
Enjoy the seasonal offerings of autumn and branch out at dinner time.
High Protein Diet Can Help You Sleep
A high protein diet may help you get better quality sleep.
The Science Behind Holiday Weight Gain
Why are you more likely to gain weight around the holidays?
Celebrating this Season? Prevent Holiday Heart Syndrome
Why does heavy alcohol consumption cause "Holiday Heart Syndrome"?
Spice Up A Long Life
Turning up the heat in your kitchen could add years to your life. Savoring meals peppered with sizzling-hot spices just twice a week cut the risk of an early death by 14...
From Adolescence to Adulthood: Stress
I swear. I have an epiphany about life in general, at least once a week. This is emerging adulthood, my friends. You will have revelations about things your parents tried to...
Dementia, Not Criminal, Behavior Change;Total Weight Loss
Q: The local police picked up my 76-year-old grandmother for trying to break into a stranger's house! That's nuts. Nana's never done anything like that in her life. We're...
Go Spicy To Beat Holiday Weight Gain
Ho! Ho! Oh! No! 'Tis the season ... for packing on extra weight. Research suggests that holiday weight gain, year after year, can be a big reason the number on your bathroom...
What No One Ever, EVER Tells You About Grief
Grief is some tricky shit. I apologize for the language... I tried to think of any other phrase that would set the stage for this blog; for what I’m feeling... somehow “grief is...
My Empty Plate: The Best Meal an Eating Disorder Can Buy
I was going to wait until "Eating Disorder Awareness Month" came around to write this blog, but the truth is we should be "aware" of eating disorders every single day. If you've...
Sleep Soundly Every Night, Feel Fantastic Every Day
Do you constantly have trouble sleeping and end up feeling tired almost every day? Help is here!
Frustrations of a Celiac
Why is it that more places are offering gluten-free foods, but are recommending that people with Celiac Disease shouldn't eat there? Doesn't that defeat the purpose? It's been...
Fattening Foods to Avoid this Fall
Learn easy ways to dodge tempting foods that quickly add extra pounds.
10 Ways to Avoid Holiday Overeating & Emotional Eating
NEVER "save" all of your calories for dinner.
Eat More of These Holiday Favorite Superfoods
You'll be surprised how many of your holiday favorites are worth a second helping.
Lower Calorie Cocktail Options
If you like to have your party libations, but worry about the calories you're consuming, take heart, there are some lower calorie options you can choose.

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