Drs. Oz and Roizen

Television’s Dr. Oz and Cleveland Clinic’s Dr. Roizen report on health, wellness and quality of life.

How To Microwave Your Dinner Safely

According to some accounts, in 1953 C.A. Swanson & Sons had over 500,000 pounds of unsold turkey after Thanksgiving. One employee suggested they cook the leftovers, along with some favorite side dishes, package the meals in compartmented aluminum trays and freeze them. That was the first TV dinner.

The impulse to pull something premade out of...

Active And Sedentary: The Health-Risky Modern Paradox

The Bears backup quarterback, Chase Daniel, will earn around $7 million over the next two years - not bad for a veteran who (up until this Thanksgiving weekend) had started in just two games and attempted just 78 passes in nine seasons as a pro. But over the holiday, he came off the bench and completed 27 of 37 passes for 230 yards and two...

Name That Insomnia Solution

The original cradle song - "Wiegenlied: Guten Abend, Gute Nacht (Lullaby: Good Evening, Good Night)" - was written by German composer Johannes Brahms in 1868. Now known as "Brahms' Lullaby," this nighttime classic is still used by parents around the world to get their little ones to sleep.

But we all could use a little lullaby...

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