Drs. Oz and Roizen

Television’s Dr. Oz and Cleveland Clinic’s Dr. Roizen report on health, wellness and quality of life.

Poor Dental Care Ups Your Risk For A Roster Of Other Diseases

In the film "Castaway," Tom Hanks' character, stranded on an island, performs a successful dental extraction on himself using the blade of an ice skate. He eases his pain and avoids a spread of the infection.

While you may not opt for do-it-yourself dental care, chances are you don't get regular check-ups and cleanings. A 2013 survey...

Taking Pressure Off Kids - Elevated Blood Pressure, That Is!

When your dad's a pro athlete, there's a lot of pressure on you as a kid to measure up. These kids sure did:

- Brett Hull was an eight-time All-Star in the NHL; dad Bobby is a 12-time NHL All-Star; both are in the Hockey Hall of Fame.

- Harvey Catchings was a defensive force in the NBA from 1974 to 1985. His daughter, Tamika, played 15 years in...

Is Work Making You Fat?

In a fifth-season episode of "The Office," the staff, including executive Michael (Steve Carell), decides to play a game of food catch. They start by throwing cheese puffs into each other's mouths. By the end, they're stuffing their newly orange-colored faces with the junky snack food. Michael gets 32 into his mouth at once!

We've all...

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