Drs. Oz and Roizen

Television’s Dr. Oz and Cleveland Clinic’s Dr. Roizen report on health, wellness and quality of life.

Many Men Are Reluctant To See A Doctor; Fish Oil And Omega-3s

Q: I dropped my husband off at a doctor's appointment, and after I drove away, he walked home. He hates going to the doctor. Is there anything I can do to get him to at least get an annual physical? - Debbie K., Lansing, Michigan

A: We hope so, Debbie. Helping men take better care of themselves is a challenge, and not just for you. Research out of...

You've Lost Weight - Now Keep It Lost! Here's Three Ways To Do It

Oprah Winfrey is one of the world's most famous yo-yo dieters. She lost 67 pounds in 1988; by late 1990 she had regained most of that weight. In 1994 she was thin again - and she completed the Marine Corps Marathon. But by 2008 when she hit 200+ pounds, she wrote in O Magazine that she felt really uncomfortable! Since then she's lost 42 pounds and...

Preventing Weight Gain After Surgery

A few years after undergoing hip and knee replacement surgeries, Jane Fonda launched an exercise DVD for aging baby boomers. The former lean queen of workout videos is now dedicated to helping herself and others thrive after surgery by making sure they stay active and don't pack on pounds.

That's so smart. According to this year's Global Obesity...

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