Get Kids Off Meds: Their Lives May Depend on It

Posted On Thursday, 11 June 2015
Get Kids Off Meds: Their Lives May Depend on It
Cory Baadsguard, a teenage boy, sat with his father and told his story: As happens with many kids, he was put on a powerful psychotropic drug. This one was for a social anxiety disorder.

One fateful day, he didn't feel well and stayed home from school. Next thing he recalls is that he woke up in a Juvenal Detention Center wondering what he was doing there. His father confirmed he had made news; he had gone to school with a rifle where he held his classmates and teacher hostage. Not on that day nor now does Cory have any memory of doing this, and, he was and still is deeply horrified.

It is known that Eric Harris had been taking psychotropic drugs for a while before he shot and killed at his school in Denver, CO. These are just two examples of how many have suffered the consequences of the over prescription of "mood stabilizers."

These drugs are serious; they are known to even cause hallucinations of the mind. When kids experience this, they freak out and often don't tell anyone. It's that scary for them. Yet, these drugs are commonly prescribed to thousands of children who take them regularly.

Why? Because they have exhibited some level of emotional and behavioral instability.

Of the 1 in 13 children taking psychiatric meds, 81% are for ADHD diagnoses.**

Symptoms for ADHD include being fidgety, lack of focus, can't sit still, and daydreaming. Without question, schools are adamant about requiring kids to take these prescriptions.

When we interviewed Hyla Cass, MD, on our show, Family Food Kitchen, she told us that a mother came to her because son's school declared the he would be put into special needs classes if he did not take a drug for ADHD behavior. This mom was against giving him any anti-psychotic drugs so she turned to Dr. Cass who worked with this boy, putting him on a diet void of artificial ingredients, sugar and other neural stimulants.

Immediately she steered him to enjoying fresh foods filled with body-intended nutrients, ones that also fuel the brain properly. In addition, she gave him an herbal formulation she has created, one with naturally sourced ingredients which helps with ADHD symptoms.* Very quickly the results were so successful that his teacher took notice. She was so pleased that she went to his mom and praised her for giving in and putting him the meds.

Unbeknownst to this teacher and the school, this boy's growing brain is simply being well fed.

Psychtropic meds have a record of causing havoc with brain physiology and may disrupt its process of forming new cells and networks. They have been referred to as "mental steroids" and are seen by some as a popular short cut to better grades. The medical risks and side effects are too often ignored. Shouldn't we concerned about this drug designer brain trend?

Here are some stats to pay attention to for children aged 0-17 years – yes, babies too:

  • 8,389,034 kids are on psychiatric drugs ***
  • 4,404,360 kids are on ADHD drugs
  • 2,165,279 kids are on Anti-Depressants
  • 830,836 kids are taking Antipsychotics
  • 2,132,625 kids are on Anti-Anxiety drugs

And this is not counting all the other over-prescribed drugs such as antibiotics given to kids who don't need them. Their young bodies deserve better.****

Dr. Hyla Cass has proven food is medicine. Please Get Kids Off Meds! (listen)


* Misdiagnosis of ADHD in not uncommon. Its symptoms cross over with behavioral responses to foods that cause neural agitation such as sugar and chemicals used in artificial food ingredients and cleaning fluids
** Government survey reported in April 2014
*** CCHR International, The Mental Health Watchdog,
**** It is recognized that a relatively small percentage of children with bi-polar and other severe mental disorders can benefit from careful usage of psychiatric drugs under the direction of a qualified doctor.

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