4 Tips to Stay Energized During a Morning Workout

Posted On Tuesday, 23 January 2018
4 Tips to Stay Energized During a Morning Workout

Do you follow a morning muscle-building workout routine?

You have come to the right place. I’ve researched all the essentials that are required to make your morning workout successful and to drive results.

Here are some tips for a perfect routine for both men and women.

1. Don't lose out on sleep.

A good night's sleep re-energizes the body and makes one feel mentally motivated to sweat it out in the gym. A recent study found that depriving your body of sleep obstructs glucose metabolism and weakens your body's endurance levels and recovery. It is also linked to stress and appetite change. When you sleep less, your body loses control over the regulation of cortisol and serotonin levels in the body. A drop in the latter can lead to depression.

2. There is no substitute for this liquid.

The best workout energy drink is water. Drinking two glasses just after arising in the morning wakes up your organs. They start performing their respective body functions and are ready for your upcoming muscle-building workout. Also, when you sweat it out in the gym, your body is constantly losing water and must be replenished to maintain optimum hydration levels. Water aids in flushing out toxins, thus helping you lose weight and build muscle faster. Water carries out the work that only water can do. For the same reasons, it is strictly recommended to stay away from soft drinks, because they work against your body by dehydrating it.

3. Watch what you eat before pumping those machines.

Food fuels your workout. So, to carry on without losing energy, you need to eat… and in this case, eat well. Start your day with the right meal. This is even more important if you are working out in the morning. For the first meal of the day just before your workout session, pick a mix of carbohydrates and protein. Carbs increase endurance. Also, cut sugar completely. It interferes with the growth of muscles. Remember, carbohydrates should come from the right sources and not from sugar. Sugar spikes your glycemic index. Vitamins, minerals, and electrolytes are equally important.

4. Don’t forget your post-workout meal.

After all the hard work you put in the gym, your body is in dire need of proteins and carbohydrates to prevent any muscle loss. You can eat small meals every few hours to maintain energy and muscle repair.

Jorge Gonzales

Jorge Gonzales is a rabid health and fitness aficionado. He is a sports lover and a fitness enthusiast who believes in healthy living. He has devoted his time to write on health and fitness topics. He suggests to use best bodybuilding supplements during high-intensity workouts to get the desired physique and perform better while working out.

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