Skincare Tips: 10 Ways to Prevent & Slow Aging

Posted On Tuesday, 23 January 2018
Skincare Tips: 10 Ways to Prevent & Slow Aging

Aging is all in the mind; you can stay young forever if you take care of your skin.

In fact, in today's modern world, no one looks their age.

As many say, 40 is the new 30. From cosmetic procedures to beauty treatments, there are so many ways that help you prevent and slow down your aging process. At most times, the result is great.

Sure, these treatments can help you to look young, but there are some side effects too. Natural ways are simply the best. The more natural treatments you use, the better it will be for your skin. With a little effort, you can look ten years younger with natural ways.

Here are 10 ways to prevent and slow aging.

1. Start with a Good Diet

This may sound cliché to you, but a good diet is a must if you want a healthy and younger looking skin. If you follow a balanced diet plan, it can work wonders. Eat lots of green veggies and two portions of fruits in your daily diet. Enlist the help of natural detox juices to make your skin glow. Drink lots of water to keep your body hydrated, because that will affect your skin. Do not consume fried foods or foods high in calories. Limit your sugar and salt intake. Avoid excess caffeine and tea. Adhering to this kind of diet will slow down the aging process.

2. Moisturize & Exfoliate

Dryness and dullness can cause premature aging. It is important to keep your skin moisturized and hydrated in a proper way. Follow a skincare routine comprised of cleansing, moisturizing and toning. Exfoliate your face once every week to remove dead skin cells. A regular skin care regimen will help to prevent aging and wrinkles.

3. Sleep Well

Have you heard of beauty sleep? To look young and beautiful, it is important to catch up on your sleep. At least eight hours of sleep is a must to prevent wrinkles and aging.

4. Use Sunscreen

UV rays from the sun can damage your skin, causing wrinkles and pigmentation over time. If you do not use a sunscreen, your skin will appear dull and you'll be prone to sun and age spots. To slow down the aging process, use a sunscreen of more than 40 SPF daily.

5. Do Not Use Excess Makeup

Makeup can make you look amazing, but over the years it may also cause your skin to age prematurely. Do not use makeup if it is not required. Excess makeup can damage your skin and cause wrinkles and age spots. Also, try to use organic and natural makeup products.

6. Exercise Is Important

Exercise helps your skin to breathe naturally. Regular exercise will help prevent aging and wrinkles. Aim for approximately 30 minutes daily to prevent and slow down your aging process.

7. Avoid Stress

Stress can cause your skin to age faster than you think. Stress can also cause fine lines and age spots. Practice stress relief tricks to stay stress-free. Take up a hobby to divert your mind or simply listen to soothing music. 

8. Practice Yoga & Meditation

Yoga helps to slow down the aging process and can make you look younger than your actual age. Practice yoga and meditation for 30 minutes on a daily basis

9. Take in Natural Antioxidants

Antioxidants and natural vitamins such as A, C, E, and beta-carotene help to fight free radical damage and help fight signs of aging. Include these natural vitamin supplements in your diet. You can also consume them via natural sources.

10. Stay Happy

It all starts with happiness. You can look younger than your age if you are happy and well. Happiness affects your mental and physical health, and can also make your skin look healthy.

You do not have to spend lots of money on expensive cosmetic treatments to look young, just follow the above tips. If you feel young, you can stay young.

Tressie Dawson

Tressie Dawson is a skin care expert and a blogger. Born in a family of dermatologists, her life revolves around things that are healthy and natural to keep the sanctity of skin alive. She use Lifecell skin cream and believes in Lifecell ingredients as it is natural and is suitable for all skin types. She uses her passion for writing to share her observations and experiences with various skin products in order to make the lives of her readers better.


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