Fractora Laser: Key Weapon in Fighting Acne

Posted On Wednesday, 27 June 2018
Fractora Laser: Key Weapon in Fighting Acne

Less than a decade ago, the standard treatments for acne included salicylic acid, retinols and, in severe cases, antibiotics –- medications which are not without side effects and which had consumers yearning for a safer, more effective approach.

One treatment that is producing what beauty writers are calling ‘insanely good results’ is fractora: a fractional radio-frequency microneedle device that first burst onto the scene in 2011.

Beauty writer, Megan McIntyre, notes, “I have been fighting moderate acne since my late teens. And I have tried literally every single one of those treatments with not one of them providing a lasting result.” Her testimony is just one of many independent reviews of a treatment that takes a ‘shortcut’ to clear, smooth skin.

What Does Fractora Treatment Consist Of?

Fractora delivers targeted bipolar radiofrequency energy to selected depths of facial skin. This energy heats up skin in a safe, controlled fashion, using tiny micro-pins to resurface skin. The heat bestowed stimulates the production of collagen: the skin’s building blocks. Thus, Fractora is used as much for acne as it is to fight ageing. There is next-to-no downtime with this treatment, though skin will appear red. Around two days later, you can apply makeup again.

Fractora differs from another popular laser treatment –- CO2 Laser Resurfacing (which removes the top layer of skin to reduce pigmentation and fine lines) because it is gentler yet effective. It is also less invasive than Fraxel Laser (which drills tiny holes in the skin and requires a longer recovery period). Fractora causes no pain at all and after about two days, there is no swelling or redness. Market improvement is visible in two weeks.

Complementary Treatments

For patients who have an important event coming up, doctors sometimes recommend complementary treatments, including Swedish and far infrared saunas, in which heat can accelerate the elimination of toxins from pores. If you do opt for this treatment, make sure to go with an authentic brand. Cheap quality saunas can emit EMFs, which are harmful to human health and linked to a host of diseases, including cancer. In addition to sauna visits or a home sauna, your doctor may recommend the use of fillers, which can smooth out deeper spots for optimal results. Normally, they will recommend Restylane or equally well reputed hyaluronic acid fillers.

Is Fractora Truly Effective?

Although randomized large-scale studies have not been carried out on Fractora, most clinics note a reduction in acne of up to 50% after around four treatments. The treatment targets both active acne and scarring, and reduces the appearance of pores as well as putting a stop to breakouts. The treatment works on all skin types, reducing the number of active pimples and targeting remaining red and brown spots.

While the combination of topical solutions and antibiotics work well for some people, they can be too strong for those with sensitive skin. Fractora is an effective alternative for ‘those who have tried everything.’ With little downtime, no pain, and the ability to target both pimples and marks left behind, it certainly is a good choice for those after a quick yet long-term solution.

Jess Walter

Jess Walter is a freelance writer and mother. She loves the freedom that comes with freelance life and the additional time it means she gets to spend with her family and pets.

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