How to Stay Active While Traveling for Work

Posted On Wednesday, 20 February 2019
How to Stay Active While Traveling for Work

If you travel extensively for work, you know firsthand how challenging it can be to stay active when you’re on the road.

Traveling all day just seems to zap your motivation. However, staying active doesn’t necessarily have to be long bursts of activity, like a two-hour gym workout. It also does not have to be something you do in a formal setting. Plenty of ways exist for you to move your body without taking large chunks of time out of your schedule.

Here’s a look at some of the best ways to stay active while traveling for work and why you should.

1. Knowing the Facts Will Motivate You
Many jobs, like truck driving, require you to be both on the road and sitting for long periods of time. While the freedom such jobs provide for you makes them very attractive, they also take a toll on your health.

According to CNN a sedentary lifestyle is worse for you than smoking cigarettes or having heart disease or diabetes in terms of the risk you face for early death. At the end of the day, knowing the facts about being fit and active can motivate you to get moving when your travels take you away from your home and your gym membership.

2. Use the Hotel’s Gym
Speaking of the gym, many hotels now offer gym and sauna facilities for their guests. If you have a hand in making your hotel arrangements, look for a place that has a workout facility. Most of the time, you can access the on-site gym anytime you want as long as you have a hotel key.

3. Find Body Weight Workouts on YouTube
YouTube is the traveling person’s dream. The site has thousands of workouts that don’t require a lot of space or equipment to do, from yoga to special bodyweight-only exercises. Additionally, most hotels and motels now offer free WiFi for their guests, so being able to access the Internet and YouTube shouldn’t be problematic.

The chances are very good that you are already traveling with at least a smartphone or a laptop. Your device’s screen becomes your TV. Just do a quick search of YouTube for the type of workout you’d like to do. Keywords like “yoga workout for abs” or “exercises using only your body weight” will net you the results you need.

4. Take the Stairs and Other Tips
Being active on the road means that sometimes you need to breakup your normal workout routine. It also means you need to be willing to build movement into your day. For example, if you’re staying on the third floor of your hotel and you know that there are 10 steps leading from one floor to the next, climbing the stairs to get to your room means that you climb the equivalent of 30 steps each time you head up to your abode. Do that a couple of times a day and see how much your fitness levels improve.

There’s no reason to stop at just stair-climbing. For example, if you’re traveling for a conference, take a walk around your hotel’s perimeter during your lunch break. Try walking around downtown with friends after work for dinner and drinks. Even taking the time to stretch while you’re at your desk can do wonders for your fitness levels.

Final Thoughts
If you’re traveling for work, there are plenty ways you can stay active while you’re away from home. Doing simple things like working out in the hotel gym or finding a workout that you can do in your hotel room helps to keep you fit.

Additionally, if you’re pressed for time, try taking the stairs or walking during your lunch break. These workouts are especially helpful for the times when you really don’t have the time to visit the gym.

Finally, arming yourself with knowledge can help you stay motivated when you’re on the road. After all, being fit means more than just having a healthy body. It means having a healthy mental outlook as well.

Anthony M. Christensen

Anthony M. Christensen is a writer, digital marketer, and owner of Astronautical LLC. He earned a BS in English at Utah Valley University. He loves art and wandering the mountains and deserts of his native state, Utah.

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