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Stefano Sinicropi, MD

Stefano Sinicropi, MD

Dr. Stefano Sinicropi attended the prestigious Columbia University College of Physicians & Surgeons Medical School and completed a combined Research/Clinical Residency at Columbia University’s Presbyterian Hospital. Following residency, he sub-specialized in Spinal Surgery through successful completion of the Kenton D. Leatherman Spinal Fellowship at the University of Louisville, where he trained with some of the most well respected Neurosurgeons and Orthopedic spinal surgeons in the United States. He has been practicing since 2006 and performed over 4,000 spinal surgeries.
5 Simple Steps to Prevent Tech Neck

Technology has many benefits. Unfortunately, it also has detriments, including the condition known as "tech neck." 

Here are some tips to prevent tech neck from happening to you.

1. Be Aware of the Tech Neck Problem

The act of holding your head flexed and forward while looking down places your cervical spine in a tenuous position. Repeated too frequently and over long periods of time can lead to muscular strain, disc injury, arthritic changes of the neck and lead to neck and shoulder pain, headaches, and symptoms down the arms. Understanding that poor posture while you are using handheld devices can create many unwanted health issues involving your cervical spine is critical to so that you can use tips 2-5 to keep safe.
5 Tips for Avoiding Back & Neck Pain While Flying

Getting on a plane anytime soon?

Whether you have pain occasionally or experience chronic debilitation, here are some tips to manage pain while traveling.

Get Up & Walk Around When Possible

Contrary to popular belief, sitting is actually much worse for back pain than standing. Especially if you have a pre-existing spine condition or injury, sitting for extended periods of time may create worsening back pain symptoms.

Bio-mechanical studies have demonstrated that pressures within the disc peak in the seated position and improve with standing (and even more with lying down). So, get out of your seat and move around the cabin at least once an hour as a preventative step.
Arthritis of the Spine: Tips for Relief

Back pain can be a daunting concern for many Americans. 

In fact, back pain generally falls in the top ten reasons that people visit the doctor. As a spine specialist, arthritis of the spine is one of the biggest causes for surgical interventions. 

In this article, I’ll discuss spine arthritis, as well as helpful tips that can be done at home.