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Iveta Dubravec, MD, MPH, MBA

Iveta Dubravec, MD, MPH, MBA

Dr. Iveta Dubravec is the lead physician for Spectrum Health’s Travel Medicine Services which includes pre-travel medical evaluations, immunizations and education for business, missionary, and leisure travelers of all ages. She received her MD from the Charles University 3rd Faculty of Medicine, Prague, Czech Republic. In 1999, she earned her MBA, with emphasis in Health Services Management from Webster University, St. Louis, MO followed by her MPH from the University of Utah in 2001. Dr. Dubravec works in Grand Rapids, MI, and is board certified in Occupational Medicine. She is affiliated with Butterworth Hospital and Spectrum Health Blodgett Campus and is an Associate Clinical Professor, Michigan State University School of Human Medicine, training medical residents and students.
Zika Virus & Travel: Are You Protected?

The news is filled right now with reports of Zika, the virus carried and transmitted by bites from two main species of mosquitoes. 

Zika virus was first discovered in monkeys in Uganda in 1947. Zika outbreaks did not occur outside of Africa until 2007, when it spread to South Pacific and later to South and Central Americas. The latest locally acquired cases are reported in Miami, Florida (around 15 diagnosed at the time of this writing, starting in June 2016). 

The mosquitoes capable of carrying Zika have even made it as far North as Chicago. 

One thing about Zika is that 80 percent of people who have it don’t even have symptoms. It is, for most people, a silent disease. Although the CDC is conducting testing to achieve more diagnoses, they are only testing people who show symptoms of fever, rash, joint pain and/or red eyes; these are generally on the mild side and last less than a week. 

However, more deleterious complications can arise from the virus, including paralysis associated with Guillain-Barré Syndrome and, in pregnant women, birth defects in their newborns, including (but rarely) microcephaly.