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Ora Nadrich

Ora Nadrich

Ora Nadrich is founder and president of the Institute for Transformational Thinking and author of Live True: A Mindfulness Guide to Authenticity. A certified life coach and mindfulness teacher, she specializes in transformational thinking, self-discovery, and mentoring new coaches as they develop their careers. Contact her at and
Be Present in All the Moments of Our Lives with Mindfulness

We don’t usually think of the moments of our lives as an opportunity to learn something valuable about ourselves. Instead, we often take them for granted and waste them on negative, unproductive thoughts. 

Still, it is this present moment that matters the most. 

If we value the moments of our lives, we won’t want to let any moment go by without having lived it as truthfully and authentically as we can.
Ask these 7 Questions to Banish Negative Thoughts

We have some 60,000 to 70,000 thoughts a day, and many of them are negative: I can’t do that. I’m not good enough. It’s never going to happen for me. I don’t deserve this. 

As we embark on a new venture or work toward a new goal, they pop up and wreak havoc on our plans and self-confidence.

Since thoughts create beliefs, which then create behaviors, negative thoughts can undermine you right into a standstill. But, there’s a way to stop negative thoughts right in their tracks. All it takes is challenging them with seven direct questions, starting with: Says Who?