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Evan Shy

Evan Shy

Evan Shy has been actively entrenched in fitness for 12 years, consistently influenced by new and innovative ways to incorporate health and fitness into every aspect of his life. Evan’s comprehensive understanding of the constraints and stresses of reality enables him to provide clients creative ways to succeed in light of those limitations. Through progressive exercise, one develops a more positive view of oneself and others. As his clients begin to see dramatic physical changes, mental and emotional improvements naturally follow.

“True fitness is a relationship with one’s self; it requires a balanced transformation which begins on the inside and revolutionizes a lifestyle.”

Evan's credentials include:

Founder & CEO of ShyTown Fitness (
MS(c) Exercise Physiologist
Published Author: scientific journals, textbooks and magazines
Scientist: Nutrition & Exercise Performance Laboratory (UIUC)
Instructor at University of Illinois (Kinesiology Department)
Fitness Contributor to local and national television networks
Sponsored Athlete by Optimum Nutrition (#1 supplement brand)
Motivational Speaker & Fitness Model

Sick of Dieting? Me Too

Thursday, 03 November 2016
Sick of Dieting? Me Too

Sick of dieting? 

Me too, but there’s an alternative option that doesn’t sacrifice fat loss progress.

Intuitive Eating is a practice we are beginning to master, by providing actionable advice that leads you on a path to be more mindful, not restrictive, of the dietary decisions you make.

Through INCLUSION not EXCLUSION we introduce techniques that encourage fat loss while maximizing lifestyle gains. #Winning

What are these techniques?