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Lisa Tanker, MBA, MHA

Lisa Tanker, MBA, MHA

Lisa Tanker is a fitness and lifestyle guru who has cultivated her own massive Amazing Transformation Community of over 1,500 clients (before & after shots available on website). Lisa is unique in this field because of her ATC program incorporates personalized fitness plans and specific emotional support to help her clients achieve ultimate results and health.

Born and raised in Atlanta, GA, Lisa learned early on the importance of physical fitness and health, while witnessing her mother’s struggle with diabetes, high blood pressure and high cholesterol. This left an indelible impression on Lisa. Inspired to make a difference, Lisa went on to earn a Bachelor of Science degree in Healthcare Management from Florida A&M University, as well as a dual Master’s degree in Business and Healthcare.

After completing eight years of work in the pharmaceutical industry, Lisa decided to use her education to help others achieve health and implement an effective fitness routine. After experiencing her own health crisis that included significantly low oxygen levels and a seven-day hospital stay, Lisa decided that she had to take extra care and become a role model for her clients and family.

Opening a private fitness studio, as a CPT, Lisa’s approach has been to educate clients on nutrition, fitness and lifestyle so that they can be healthy and maintain a beautiful body everyday of their life. Lisa’s dynamic teaching approach of addressing wellness from a complete 360-degree lifestyle overhaul has enabled women to lose weight and improve their health through her training, while simultaneously building self-confidence and a better outlook on life. She is a true Health and Wellness Expert who uses her own fitness and experiences as inspiration and motivation.

Lisa credits her client’s phenomenal results with matching their emotions and physical needs, by developing a platform that helps audiences identify their “Why” – asking why do you think you aren’t committing to your wellness goals? By sharing tools such as weight training and body weight training to help them overcome the bumps on the road to wellness, Lisa helps clients understand the importance of a total lifestyle change and achieve long-term results.

Lisa is on a mission to help busy people around the world find time to embrace healthy living and help them look and feel amazing. When not helping her clients transform their health, Lisa enjoys traveling and spending time with her family. She is currently divides her time between Atlanta, GA and New York City.
How to Turn Fitness Success into Life Success

Fitness has become such a huge trend and a major focus in the industry is based on the physical aesthetics one can achieve with fitness. 

However, do you know that you can truly learn lessons in the gym and apply them to your life to grow personally and professionally? 

After training over 1,500 clients, I saw some amazing changes in their lives from finding new love to some of them becoming entrepreneurs. Seeing a physical change is absolutely lovely, but something bigger happens when you see the innate qualities that are developed through consistent workout habits. 

Being dedicated to a workout program can prepare you to better manage your life, deal with obstacles and accomplish goals. 

For the next three minutes, I want you to embrace a new way of thinking as I share with you how your life can improve by looking for lessons you learn in the gym like pushing past that last most challenging rep to conquering a new exercise that you once believed you couldn’t do. 

Learn the four ways you can turn fitness success into life success.