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Svetlana Kogan, MD

Svetlana Kogan, MD

Svetlana Kogan, MD, practices holistic and integrative medicine at her clinic in New York City. She created Diet Slave No More!, a fun literary journey into yourself, offering readers a brand new approach to healthy living and to handling weight issues. A Cornell University graduate, she received a scholarship from the National Institute of Health for her achievements in diabetes research. She obtained her undergraduate degree in Biology from Cornell University and an M.D. degree from Sackler School of Medicines New York State Program.

Dr. Kogan is a Master Hypnotherapist certified by the Local 472 Union and is experienced in Ayurvedic Healing, Herbology, and Energy Treatment. When you are getting an Integrative Physical Exam from Dr. Kogan, you are getting a 360-degree assessment of your Mind-Body needs. She is experienced in both Western and Eastern medical philosophies and fuses the best of both to bring you the ultimate experience in the 21st century preventive physical exam.

Dr. Kogan is an active member of both the American Medical Association and the Hypnotherapists Union. She has authored numerous print and online articles, including her own magazine, and has appeared as a medical expert on national television. A patient observer of life and an outside the box thinker, Dr. Kogan has pioneered her own vision of mind-body medicine, where the best of what Eastern and Western philosophies can offer, are applied towards patients’ well-being and longevity. She has also developed a revolutionary Uberdoctor™ encounter, which allows her to communicate with patients around the world.
Holiday Feast “Un-Confusion”: Eat to Your Heart’s Content

Every time the holidays come around, the hopeful eyes and ears of millions of people tune into the ocean of what media tells them to eat in order to avoid gaining weight.

Depending on the tips they have learned, folks start counting calories, restricting certain food groups, measuring out portions, or, what’s even worse, avoiding the holiday parties altogether.

In this article I propose to open up your minds to a paradigm shift: what if you abandon the holiday food vigilance and the New Year’s resolution?

Instead, what if you focus on your living before and after the holidays?